Adoption Timeline

March 2015: Case #5. Waiting to see if our profile gets selected for the next round.
February 2015  No calls

January 2015 No calls
December 2014: Get three more requests to show our profile book. We are selected to interview for case#3. We are one of two couples. The interview gets cancelled due to the bm having other sick kids. Waiting to hear back for an update. The sw is giving the bm space due to the holidays and her due date being so close. The BM chose to parent.

November 2014: First request to show our profile book.   =)

October 2014: Waiting

Sept 2014: Waiting

August 2014:
Profile book is complete. 
We are finally officially waiting to get matched. 


July 2014: 
Home Study is approved. (nine months after we filled out our first form.)

June 2014
Received 15 page home study report. 

May 2014 
Waiting to get approved. 

April 2014
3rd interview and home visit.

April 2014 
Second interview for the home study. This time we had to be separated as a requirement of state law. We were both in there for about an hour. The questions were about ourselves but we also had to answer what if questions about possible issues that may come up. We also spoke about what type of child we would be comfortable with in regards to race, gender, age, disabilities, drug and alcohol use etc. She said we were  a cute couple and that she feel comfortable going ahead with us. 

March 2014
First interview for the home study. This was a group interview. We meet the social worker for the first time. She is very nice. We go over the questions we had already answered in our packet. There were some follow up questions. I cried a little due to all the emotions that were being explored. Over all I think we did ok. 

February 2014
It feels like I have spent forever on these forms. It was very challenging and brought up many emotions. It has been a hard transition for me. There were a few times when I thought I would give up. Have one form left which is to choose guardians. This is difficult and starts to take too much time. I decide to send in what I have completed (30 pages) in the mail. FX that they will begin to process what I have and not make a big deal about one form.

December 2013
 A huge packet of  forms arrived in the mail. I did not expect to see so many forms. It was our home study application and it was very overwhelming. There are about 30 items on the checklist for this packet. We have to fill out a ton of forms and gather copies of marriage certificates, birth certificates, taxes, read books, get physicals, finger prints etc. This seems like it will never end. We have to take a deep breath and move slowly forward.

November 2013: 
 We are now waiting to get some more forms from the state, finger prints, and physicals.
 Our pre application was accepted and we got the password to our online portal. We filled out an online form that is equivalent to 8 typed pages. We got accepted.

Oct 2013:  
 Filled out the pre application.
 wait-list (Thankfully there was no wait list so we skipped step 2)

Sept 2013: 
We attended orientation.

Sept 2013:
Stopped taking all medications. Stopped TTC. Finally became comfortable with the idea of adoption. I actually started to get excited. I worked very hard to move from a sad state of being IF to the happy state of moving forward with adoption. It has been a challenge but I am much happier.

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