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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tongue Tied Part 3

Tongue Update:
That night we got a long piece of gauze and wrapped it around our fingers before we attempted the tongue stretches. This made a huge difference. We were able to get a grip on that slippery tongue and pull it up into position.

She had two feedings the next day that were great and then she had  a huge meltdown and refused to drink from the normal nipple. I texted the dr and he said it was ok to use the smaller nipple as needed to make sure she got fluids but I had to try and transition her. During that week, she seemed to be ok during the day but at night she would have a meltdown with the regular nipple. At least it was expected and I knew it was ok to let her have it. We had some good days and some bad days with feedings, but it kept getting better.

I took her back for another follow up a week later and she was doing great! Now she uses the regular nipple about 99% of the time. We still have some days where she needs to move around and find that position, but overall things are looking great. She increased her amount of formula since her surgery. She was taking about 5 oz and now she takes about 8oz. She is also 12 weeks old now and goes much longer between meals.

She has been sleeping on her back in the crib every night. She is now able to roll herself over onto her side and back. She likes to sleep on her side often. She is developing a drool rash on that side.

Adoption Update:
The SW came to our new house to update our home study. Everything went well since we just had a house party and the house was very clean. It was quick since it was just a house inspection.

We had to get a bunch of papers notarized and sent back to the lawyer along with a certified copy of our marriage license. We just finished the 3 month waiting period set by our state. Now we are waiting for the SW to finish her paperwork so the lawyer can file for a court date. At this point everything seems to be ok, but we won't know for sure until we go to court.


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