Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Prometrium Drama

I have written before about the prometrium drama at CVS pharmacy. As a review.......the dr wrote on the script to take the pills vag and not oral. The pharmacist told me that I could not take them that way and yelled out the V word in front of everyone.......OMG.......so I started using mail order FFP and had no issues. Well I got tired of calling and waiting for the delivery etc and I decided to go back to CVS. I got a few filled there and it was great bc I could just refill onilne and then drive through to pick them up.

A few months back I got the generic for the first time. It was much cheaper so I gave it a try. OH NO it was not the same. It was much thinner and it leaked out while I was sleeping. It actually woke me up bc I thought I wet the bed. Also the generic has a brown tone to it and you can guess why that it annoying. Well I guess the people who made the generic figure that you will take it orally.

Last month, I had my Dr write DAW the next time I needed a script. The pharmacist at CVS gave me a hard time about why I HAD to have the name brand. I started to have flash backs. I told him that it was not the same and I was not going to tell him why. They filled it but it took awhile bc it was not in stock.

This month when I went to refill they were out of stock again. After a week of telling me they were going to order it, they told me tonight that the name brand has gone extinct. OMG I freaked out. I asked them if other stores had it and they said no CVS will have it. I asked about other pharmacies like Rite Aid etc, they told me nobody would have it. Then they said if I even wanted the generic I needed a NEW script. ERGH

I was so upset bc even if I am never going to TTC again, I still need my prometrium for my LPD which means I will take it for ever. That is another reason why I wanted to deal with CVS and not the fertility pharmacy anymore.

My DH could not understand my freak out. Before I was able to google it, I called Freedom FP and asked them. They transferred  me to a pharmacist right away who told me it was not true. In fact she offered to transfer my prescription to them and fill it asap. I told the female pharmacist about the whole ordeal and she was so nice about it.

I'm sure that this is some master plan by the insurance company to force people to use generics. It would have been nice if they just said use mail order instead of saying that it no longer existed. UGH

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Working on Math

So my life has not really been that blog worthy lately. Even now, I am not sure what to write. I feel responsible to write something down. Life has been busy with work. I guess I can write about that.  This past week we had off from school and I spent a good amount of time planning. It felt good to get ahead. We got a new math series this year and it arrived in Sept with tons and tons of stuff that I never had time to look at. With the shift in the curriculum, the kids have a huge gap and we had to spend a lot of time back tracking with fractions and decimals. We also got a new interactive whiteboard which is similar to a smartboard. This past week, I was also able to create some files for math.

I love this new interactive board. It is really engaging and makes math more fun to teach. There are colors and tools. You can make things move around. I was able to make a number line with a slider on it. I have been taking a course once a month to learn how to use new software called ActivInspire. Now I am getting pretty good at it. I had the nerve to ask if I could teach an introductory course to my coworkers and get paid............=) They said yes, bc nobody really knows how to use it and it is hard to learn at first. I have been spending time putting together ideas for that class and making note sheets. The course will run from Feb to June once a month.

I have been doing well with my store at  TeacherspayTeachers.com You get paid every quarter. This past quarter I made $1,000 for the first time  =) I could not believe it. I have not really had much time to work on it lately. I spent a lot of time over the summer making new items. I am such a perfectionist about it so it takes me a week to make something good enough to sell.

OK, now for the depressing TTC news. Enter at your own risk. I have probably said this too many times already, but I have pretty much given up trying. I am still holding a tiny bit of hope for that ooops I did not even try and look what happened.... Last month was terrible bc I got a YI and could not stand taking the prometrium, so  I had a 3 week  cycle..........ergh thankfully nothing bad happened bc it was  a surprise. This month I took my prometrium so I would at least have a normal 4 week cycle. I am at the point where I am supposed to stop taking it and wait. So CD1 will be here by the end of the week......