Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thinking About Seeing Dr Kwak Kim

Has anyone gone to see Dr Kwak Kim? I have heard great things about her on the immune forums. I did a search for her and I cannot seem to find a website for her office to call and make an apt. I am also wondering if there is anyone out there like me who has never been pregnant and saw her with success.

I started thinking about it today. I know from the forums that she requires you to see her in person first, so I checked plane prices and they seemed reasonable. I also checked and she is in my network. So I started to think why not? I have two weeks off in December so I thought that maybe if I called now I could get an apt then.

I saw Dr Braverman without success. He was also not nice, not in my network and very expensive. I think my problem is that his specialty is miscarriages. Since I cannot seem to  get pregnant I don't think he really knew what to do with me. He kept changing his mind about what my issue was and ultimately blamed my Endo.I did try neupogen which is his miracle drug without success. I was able to lower my NK and my TNF.I also took lovenox for my many blood clotting issues.

I have had every immune test I could find in Dr. Beer's book and on the immune forum. I also consulted Dr. Karen Pace who suggested more. Dr. Kim may have others or she may interrupt them differently. All immune tests have been covered so that is not an issue.I also read that Dr, Kim does work with US for uterine blood flow. I have many blood clotting issues so I am thinking that maybe she could be on to something with me.If possible, I would like to contact their office, send them my records, get a list of blood tests needed, so I can go over the results while I see her.

It is hard to give up and stop searching for possibilities. I started to look into adoption. I requested an info packet which was  a big step for me, but I have not told DH. I thought that maybe I would start the process slowly and pursue Dr. Kim at the same time.