Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 2010: The first month with no cysts!!!!!!!

 I discovered that the B6 the Dr put me on made my condition worse. B6 made me grow more follies and made them large and stick around. I started to get a traffic jam in there and the cysts were staying from one cycle to the next. I went off the B6 and things returned to normal. Well normal for me.

Oct 2010: No TEBB thanks to Biaxin Yeah CD3 NO CYSTS  for the first time. YEAH Thanks to the PIO shot. So I guess the agonizing pain was worth it. The weird thing on my right ovary is still there.......CD13, follie on the left is getting close to 20mm. Took the ovidrel and menopur triggers on CD15. CD18 us showed the follie was still there and it was 23mm. My Peak+7 BW was great P20 and E193
I took the PIO shots on P+3, 5, 7,9 without any problems. I found a great cartoon butt to show my husband where to inject. He did great and I had no pain.