Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Case number 3 update

We were very patient and waited to hear if the bm had the baby or if she wanted to reschedule the interviews or not. Her due date was Dec 30 and  after that passed I got a little less patient. I decided that one week after the due date was patient enough. On Jan 6th, I emailed the SW to get an update.

Today she emailed us and said that the bm chose to parent. I am disappointed but not upset. I had a feeling in my gut when she cancelled the interview and then we never heard back.  I had to get closure so I  could move on.

Now life is back to where it was. The last two months were crazy so I am fine if we get a little break before the next case. It is emotionally exhausting to wait around for a month wondering if you will become a parent. This is worse than the TWW of TTC.