Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Gianna Center is now listed in Wikipedia

The Gianna Center is now listed in Wikipedia.

Archbishop Dolan's Blog:The Gospel in the Digital Age

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"These doctors offer a unique service in the archdiocese; they are specially trained in helping couples in the noblest quest of all – procreation of human life! Word must get out that there are morally licit, technologically savvy ways for couples who have been having difficulty conceiving a child to bring about new life. Word must get out about what is happening at the Gianna Center, because the false caricature that the Church is against science and technology has unfortunately become far too widely accepted."

"When I heard these inspiring physicians talk on my radio show recently about the successes of the scientifically proven, ethically defensible ‘NaProTechnology’ and compare them to the world’s deadly answer to infertility – in vitro fertilization – I said “This needs to be on the front page of the every paper in the country!” These doctors do something others don’t – they listen. They walk this often deeply painful journey with couples and then try their hardest to find the root causes rather than give pat answers to “common complaints.” They use the latest advances in natural family planning – which is not the old rhythm method! – helping couples understand their own unique cycles and systems. And – if needed – they assist in correcting underlying problems so the couple can conceive naturally. This should be music to our ears folks! It is to mine!"

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Natural Fertility Treatments Vs. The IVF Bandaid

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Here are some quotes from the article:
"In a culture that promotes alternative medicine, natural childbirth, and sometimes-bizarre dietary supplements, it seems strange that natural infertility treatments are not well-known. A natural infertility treatment is not necessarily alternative medicine, but rather a conventional-medicine approach that seeks to cure the underlying cause of infertility, allowing natural conception. It stands in contrast to assisted reproductive technology such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is stick a "band-aid" solution that does nothing about the underlying causes of fertility problems."

" the reason IVF is so popular — despite its astronomical cost and mediocre success rate (only 1 in 3 attempts results in a live birth) — is because it is a "magic pill" approach. It is a silver bullet, a straightforward process left in the hands of doctors. Natural fertility treatments are more complicated because they start with diagnostics, rather than jumping immediately into treatment."

Friday, May 21, 2010

A mass for St. Gianna in NYC video

St. Gianna, a patron for infertile couples, honored in Manhattan

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One of the Church's newer canonized saints was honored in Manhattan this week, with an unusual twist. Among those paying tribute to her was her son.

St. Gianna Beretta Molla may be the first saint ever canonized while her children are still alive. She spent her life in her native Italy as a physician, wife and mother. In 1962, pregnant with her fourth child, she developed a uterine tumor. She refused to have an abortion or hysterectomy, and insisted that if a choice had to be made between herself and the baby, doctors were to save the baby.

She died at age 39, a week after giving birth to a healthy girl.

St. Gianna was beatified in 1994 and was canonized May 16, 2004. She is honored especially for her courageous witness to life, and she is being promoted in particular as a patron of couples struggling with infertility.

She also was chosen as patron by Gianna: The Catholic Healthcare Center for Women, a facility in Manhattan that offers general health care for women, including special treatment for infertility. All of its services are pro-life and in conformity with Church teaching.

On May 17, Archbishop Dolan visited the Gianna Center for the enshrinement of a photograph and relic of St. Gianna. The archbishop led a prayer service and blessed the image and the center's offices.

A Mass was celebrated that evening at St. Catherine of Siena Church especially for couples battling infertility, to honor St. Gianna and seek her intercession.

Speaking at both events was Pierluigi Molla, eldest child and only son of St. Gianna. He noted that as a pediatrician she devoted herself to the care of mothers and children. He called the Gianna Center "a wonderful way to honor her memory."

He remarked that his mother, while deeply devoted to her faith, her family and her patients, also loved skiing, rock climbing and music. In an interview later, he said, "The message is that an ordinary life can be blessed. It's not necessary to do extraordinary things." She was canonized, he said, "for how she lived her life and not just for how she sacrificed it."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Faith Meets Science

Faith Meets Science
Natural Family Planning & NaProTECHNOLOGY

A Conference with Fr. Dan McCaffery and Dr. Anne Mielnik

Saturday & Sunday, May 22-23, 2010
Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
74 West Main Street, Waterbury, CT

Schedule of Events:
May 22-23: Special Parish Mission on Natural Family Planning
All weekend Masses will be celebrated by Fr. Dan McCaffery from NFP Outreach,
with homilies dedicated to deepening the understand of Catholic teachings on marriage and family planning.

Medical Conference, Sunday, May 23, 2010
2:00 pm The Scientific Basis of Modern Natural Family Planning Methods
Talk by Dr. Anne Mielnik

3:00 pm Catholic Treatments for Infertility, Recurrent Miscarriage and Other Reproductive Health Disorders
Talk by Dr. Anne Mielnik

4:00 pm Q & A
Fr. McCaffery & Dr. Mielnik

For more information, please contact The Gianna Healthcare Center for Women at 212-481-1219.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Gianna Center in NYC

Hello ladies,I am sure that most of you are familiar with NaPro technology. Consider yourself to be lucky. I suffered with infertility for 2.5 years before I learned about it. Nobody in my church or diocese knew about it. There are too many IVF clincs and too many women think that IVF is their only option.

There is a new NaPro trained surgeon in NYC. Dr. Beiter. I have been his patient since November. I have just completed my diagnostic phase which included 2 months of charting, BW/US, exploratory lap, and then the laparotomy to remove endo. I need your help to spread the word that the Gianna Center is now open. Please tell anyone you know. Even if you do not live in NY you can help. Women travel to Nebraska from all over. The Gianna center does a good job with phone consults for long distance patients. They do not have a wait list yet. So if you know someone who is on a long wait list to see a Napro surgeon for a consult or for surgery, suggest Dr. Beiter. I can answer any questions you have about him.

Please put a link to the Gianna Center, if you have a blog or website. Put the blurb at the bottom in your parish bulletin. Give the contact info to any catholic woman you know, including family life offices or NFP teachers. Put the blurb as your facebook status and ask others to copy and paste it. We need to spread the word to other catholic woman all across the USA that there is a pro life alternative to IVF so they are not talked into something they know is wrong.

New York’s new Gianna Center for Women offers effective treatment for infertility and recurrent miscarriage using NaPro Technology, an alternative to in vitro fertilization. The Gianna approach in completely in line with Catholic Church teaching and allows a couple to conceive naturally, with success rate which are comparable to other methods. The Gianna Center also offers pro-life obstetrics, gynecology and general medical care for women. To schedule an appointment with a NaPro Technology physician, please call the Gianna Center at 212-481-1219 or visit If you are a blogger, please consider posting this information on your blog as well and linking in your sidebar. Please spread the word about the center.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Story 10/07 to 9/09

October 2007
I started out with the OBGYN who ran blood work, and HSG. Based on low progesterone, he said I was not ovulating. He ignored the fact that I had a short leutal phase....(I was charting and using OPK) He did an US and found a large fibroid tumor. He did not think it was the cause but wanted to take it out. Then I had to wait another 3 months before I had the surgery. I had the surgery where they cut you open. It was the most painful thing I had ever had done. I was out for 2 weeks from work.

March 2008
Another few months went by so I could heal from the surgery. I was excited to start Clomid because I thought this would be the solution. But, it made me feel awful. I had major sweaty hot flashes. My co workers didn’t understand why someone my age had hot flashes. I cried all the time and I could not control it. The first month was Clomid only. I had another short cycle. Then he tried me two more times with progesterone support. I had 28 day cycle with the progesterone. UGHHH I thought why didn’t this work?

May 2008
I got frustrated and found a RE in my area. He did the HSG over, and also did a Saline Sonohysterogram. He ran my blood for many things including STDS, prolactin, thyroid, FSH levels etc. He does not see any major problems and says that I have unexplained infertility. He casually suggests the laparoscopic surgery with Hysteroscopy. This was 4 months after the last surgery and he did not see any major problems, and I did not have any symptoms, so I opted for clomid. He did the baselines to reveal that I have Cysts so I had to wait another month.

August 2008
After 4 terrible rounds of Clomid. I switched to shots. Every other month I had a cyst. So it took me a year to do 6 tries. After 6 tries where I had 2 mature follicles each time I opted for the laparoscopic surgery with Hysteroscopy

May/June 2009
I had to wait two long months after the surgery to try the shots again…….Again everything looked perfect two great follicles , but BFN. I got really upset and depressed because I thought that my problem was solved. The RE said that we just have to wait for the right egg to come along with good quality.

July 2009
This is the stage where most women switch to IVF. My husband refused to do it due to his religious beliefs. So we opted to try GIFT. Where the sperm and eggs are placed into the tubes. This was hard because everyone makes a face in shock when we tell them what we are doing. Even the DR and all the nurses. This is a hard decision that I had to make. My thought is that at least I can try something new instead of trying the same old thing.

Sept 2009 GIFT failed.

May 2010

May 2010:
Last month I went to the emergency room due to horrible pain from cysts. This month I went in on CD 5 and the cysts were gone. =) I was again unmedicated this month. I went in on CD 13 to get an US to check the follie size. It was a good size so I had to go back daily until mature. On CD 16 it was 20mm so I triggered with an ovidrel injection. I started prometrium 3dpo. I went back 4 DPO for an US to make sure the follie released. It was gone.... My P+7 Progesterone was 28.2 and Estradiol was 273. I was concerned that the prometrium elevated my P+7 levels. The Dr said it would, so next month I will not take the prometrium the night before the blood test and then take it in the am after. Everything looked good, but unfortunately I still got a BFN.