Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Annual Home Inspection

The sw came to my house for our annual inspection. This experience was totally different than last year. Last year she started out with insulting me about my clutter and how small my house was.This year she came into my house and was nice. She complimented me on how clean my house was.  I just smiled and thanked her. She said that I really cleaned up nice. Again, I smiled and nodded. It is amazing how the timing worked out, bc we had to clean out the house to sell it.

Then she tells me that I am a totally different person this year. She said last year I was depressed and I got really mad at her when she mentioned my clutter...... OMG so I had to just smile and nod. She said all of my stuff was keeping me down and now I am free. I smiled and nodded bc even though it was kind of annoying, she was being nice and was complimenting me. If you spoke to her you would think I should be a guest on hoarders.

I showed her pictures of our new house. I think that also helped a lot to set the mood bc she loved that house and knew that we would be living there soon. She reviewed our home study. This time it was easy bc we only had to confirm that the information was the same. Last year she interviewed us and it was really tough.

We spoke again about case #5 and she said that the bm was still interested. She was going to see her soon and make sure that she was still on board with this plan. We are not going to meet her.

The sw said that this woman could deliver any day. We are both leaving the area for a few days this weekend, but she said it was ok. Then if we take the baby home, she would come back to the house in three days to make sure we had a bassinet, food, clothing, and diapers.

Today the sw wanted money for the bm's lawyer.  This is the furthest we have ever gotten.

HMMMM this might be getting real.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Case #5 is open again

We have a buyer for our house!

One day while I was out watering the flowers, a man drove by and asked me what I thought of my house. We spoke for a few minutes and then I gave him a flyer and invited him to the open house at the end of the week.  I got his name.

At the open house we had 8 people stop by. This man was one of them. He made an offer. It was too low so we countered. Then he came up a little bit and said it was his final. We were unable to take it. His agent said that he would be going with his second choice.

About two weeks later he came back with a higher offer and we accepted. He put down a deposit and signed the initial paperwork. The inspection is next week.

The closing will be about two weeks after we close on our new house. I set it up this way so we could have two weeks to pack and move into the new house with less stress. This made it a little tougher financially bc we are selling second and have to use all of our savings up front. When we sell, we will get everything to balance out.

A few days after we settled on this deal, the SW called. She said case#5 was back open. This is the third time that this case has come to our attention. It seems this time that the bm is fighting with her mother and moved out of her house. Her mother was going to file custody and is not going to anymore.

The sw wanted to know if we were still interested. The due date is July 15. We had to think about this. Three times could be a good sign or it could be a sign that this is just too unpredictable. We also are in a pickle bc all of our money is tied up in the house. We had planned on borrowing against the new house once we closed in Aug. If the baby is born in July we won't have the money, bc the sw wants 20K right after the baby is born.  I thought about what to do and was thinking that if we didn't have the money then it was not meant to me.

I spoke to my friend, who said she would help me out by lending us the money. WOW, I would have never asked her.

I called the sw back and told her that we are still interested. I told her we are moving. She was fine with that. She said we need to redo our homestudy in Aug. That stinks bc it is up this month. I thought they would only charge us a small amount to come back in Aug for the home inspection. They are going to charge us $450 in June to do the annual review and then another $450 in Aug to just come do the house inspection.

I am excited that this may be the one. I am trying not to get too excited bc this woman is very unpredictable and keeps changing her mind. I am so glad that I have the house to keep my busy.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Working on the House

It has almost been a month since we listed our house for sale. We have continued to work on the house every day since then. It is crazy that we listed our house and we were not really ready. I don't regret it bc we tend to be perfectionists sometimes and I just had to get it listed or I knew it would never happen.

I started with touching up paint in every room. I had a few spots that I missed, some chips near the corner or floor, or some spots on a wall that would not come clean. This quickly became a huge project bc not all paint cans were usable. Some were really old, rusty, and gross.  I had to get more paint. I also needed more brushes bc I wanted to paint more than one color at a time. After I cleaned out all of the closets, I realized that they also needed to be repainted.

The master bedroom was the worst. We had a stress crack going from the ceiling to the floor. It was there when we bought the house, we had fixed it and it came back, so we had left it alone. I plastered the crack and when I repainted it, I quickly realized that the wall was no longer the same color and the repair stuck out. The color had faded from the sun. I had to repaint the whole room.  I love the fresh color.

After we cleaned out the garage, I had to plaster some holes, repaint the walls and the floor. The floor had been painted gray by the previous owners. A lot of it had come off, there was white paint, rust etc all over the floor. It really needed to be paved, so I decided to repaint the floor gray and it looked amazing.

The linen closest is four ft long and had metal shelves that I had covered with shelf paper when we moved in. I totally forgot about them until I cleared out the closet. I went to Home Depot to buy some wood boards and paint them. They look amazing in the closet. The closet used to be 12 in deep, now it is 16 in deep. We got some cute baskets to keep our stuff neat and hidden in the closet.