Monday, August 3, 2015

She's Here

On Sunday July 19 we got a voice mail from the sw saying that the baby had been born and she was healthy. She called me back on Monday to say that everything was going as planned. They were going to visit bm in the hospital at 2pm with the lawyer to sign papers. We were to arrive at the hospital at 3pm and wait in the lobby. The sw would call us to tell us if she had signed the papers or not. We also found out that we had the chance to say overnight and take care of the baby.

We arrived at the hospital with our gift bag and asked for the delivery section We sat anxiously in the lobby waiting for the call. We got the call and everything was done. We went upstairs and met the bm. She was holding our daughter. It was really awkward since it was our first time meeting her. She was sweet. She gave me the baby to hold. I just sat there staring at the sleeping baby. It was amazing. We gave the bm her present and then the sw led the discussion.

We spoke for a while and then the sw told her that we would take the baby to the next room and asked her to say good bye. I handed her the baby and asked if she wanted to be alone. She said it was ok. She said good bye and we wheeled the baby next door. The bm was discharged that day.

As I walked in the room with dh, the baby, and the sw I started to cry tears of joy. I could not believe this was really happening. We spoke with her for awhile and then she left. The baby was asleep so dh and I looked at each other and did not know what to do next.

He went out to get us some food. I stayed with the baby. We spent the night. I made sure to tell the nurses about our situation and that I had no idea of what I was doing. They were really great. They taught me so much.

We took the baby home the next day. We had to take her to the dr for a check up. She is really healthy. 8 pounds, 19 inches. She passed all of her newborn tests including the drug screening that the agency requested. She is very sweet. I love her already.
In our state the bm has 30 days to change her mind. The sw said not to post her name or photo on the internet until after the 30 days. The sw has already spoken with bm a few times and she is doing well. We have gave the sw some prints to give the bm of us holding the baby and some of the baby sleeping and awake.

We have had her home for 2 weeks now. Which is half way!  I have been very busy. She eats every 2-3 hours. Then she needs to burp and get a diaper change, so by the time she goes to sleep it is almost time to eat again.

She is amazing. I love her and had an immediate bond with her from the moment she was first placed in my arms.