Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Case number 3 update

We were very patient and waited to hear if the bm had the baby or if she wanted to reschedule the interviews or not. Her due date was Dec 30 and  after that passed I got a little less patient. I decided that one week after the due date was patient enough. On Jan 6th, I emailed the SW to get an update.

Today she emailed us and said that the bm chose to parent. I am disappointed but not upset. I had a feeling in my gut when she cancelled the interview and then we never heard back.  I had to get closure so I  could move on.

Now life is back to where it was. The last two months were crazy so I am fine if we get a little break before the next case. It is emotionally exhausting to wait around for a month wondering if you will become a parent. This is worse than the TWW of TTC.


  1. Sorry to hear this, it is nerve racking indeed waiting and wondering. I know this is such a "pat" thing to say, but keep on living the best you can while you are waiting.


  2. I'm sorry :( praying that you are comforted and that Jesus gives you the graces you need to keep waiting. Such a journey of faith!

  3. So sorry. :( I agree that it really, for me, felt worse than the TWW. Because waiting to hear about a match is way more hopeful than waiting to figure out if you're pg. Matching feels more real because there's already a baby in the picture, you know? And then when you find out you don't match (either mom chooses to parent or another couple matches with birthmom), it's truly a loss that should be mourned. A loss of a baby that you thought really could have been yours. It's a strange type of mourning though, because baby still exists out there in the world, but I guess you're really mourning the loss of a dream realized. So anyway, I'm really sorry you went through all that. And also sorry that the social worker didn't tell you as soon as she knew something. I hope next time she'll tell you details immediately. You deserve to know. Hugs!

  4. Hope you are finding some peace and relaxation in your "break" from the past 2 months. I'm sorry this waiting is so taxing. Praying for your intentions and for your social worker to be more communicative.

  5. I've been catching up on all the updates and goings-on ... WOW!!!! I am so excited for you guys that you've had so many opportunities, but it is hard to be patient and frustrating when things don't work out. Like the mom parenting her baby. And not hearing that earlier than when you did.
    I think having your profile shown is in some ways harder than TTC, because there actually IS a baby, instead of the possibility of a baby.
    Sending prayers and (((hugs))) your way.


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