Reproductive Immunology

"Reproductive Immunology refers to a field of medicine that studies interactions (or the absence of them) between the immune system and components related to the reproductive system. Immunological therapy is the new up and coming method for treating many cases of previously "unexplained infertility" or recurrent miscarriage."Copied from Wikipedia

An Online Guide to Reproductive Immunology: Tests and Treatments

Reproductive Immunology Yahoo Support Forum
This is a great place to get information. There are many women on that forum who are very helpful in answering questions. There are also tons of files linked on the left side. One of the authors from Dr. Beer's book (Jane Reed) is a moderator of the forum. 

The Alan E. Beer Center for Reproductive Immunology
Dr. Toth : Treats Infections that Cause Infertility

Karen Pace, PhD in Immunology __________________________________________________________________________

 Labs that perform Immunology Tests
Reprosource : Very easy to work with. Will send you a test kit with tubes and a fedex bag, you can have them send a nurse to your house for a small fee or take the kit to a local lab. They will send your blood out to Rosalind Franklin to perform any test they do not have.

Rosalind Franklin :Large lab with many tests and a great reputation. They do not send you a kit, you have to get the blood drawn and fedex it overnight.

Immune System and Food
 Places to search for food/supplement  interaction with the immune system.
Journal of Medicinal Food
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Health Bulletin News
Hematology Journal
American Society for Microbiology

Foods/ supplements that you should avoid
*Inositol (Someone said to avoid it on the yahoo immune board, but I am still looking for an article to prove it)

    Foods/ supplements that reduce inflammation
    Always consult a doctor before starting any new supplements.
    Foods/supplements with mixed reviews
    *Probiotics (due to the fact that there are so many different types 
    Is your Body Baby Friendly?
    by Dr. Alan Beer
    This book is a must have. I read it cover to cover the weekend I got it. Now I go back and use it for a reference. It addresses reproductive immunology.  The focus is figuring out what is wrong with your immune system and trying to correct it, which goes with Napro technology. They both believe that infertility is a symptom of a disease.


    Fertile vs. Infertile
    by Dr A. Toth. 

    I have not read this book yet. Many women have said good things about this Dr. so I thought I should add this book.

    Dr. Toth Yahoo Support Forum 
    MISC Links & Articles
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    Article: Immunology may be key to pregnancy loss
    Natural Cox-2 inhibitors  
    Immunological Factors in Endometriosis