Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back From The Hospital

I  am back from the hospital. I had to travel 3 hours to see my napro surgeon but it was worth it. I trust him 100% to be thorough and do everything he can to restore my fertility. We went down Monday night and got a hotel nearby. The ride down was easy since it was mostly highway.

The next morning we had to be there to check in a 9:30 to be in the OR at 11:30. We got there ok and checked in. Everyone was very helpful. The hospital itself is very nice. We went from one check in area to the next. Everything was moving along. We went to the pre op area and had our own little cubby room with a bed and some chairs. There were rooms around the center where the nurses were. It was great. People kept coming in to talk to us and get us to sign forms. The two hours went by quickly. I was starving and my stomach was growling.

The nurse came in to do the IV. I asked her if she was an expert. I told her that I had this done many times and it ranged from going right in to getting stabbed multiple times by a student. She got it right in on the first try. Those suckers still really hurt in the hand, but at least she only had to stab me once.The anesthesia Dr asked me about problems. I told him that it just makes me sick. He said they would give me some stuff to prevent nausea and vomiting. I went into the OR. They started to hook me up to the meds and I felt it in my head and then I was out.

I woke up in recovery. Since I had the light anesthesia and no tube in my throat it was easier to wake up. The nurse asked me if I felt sick. Nope. Then he asked me about pain. I had the worst cramps ever. He asked me what it was on a scale of 1-10. I told him that I have a high tolerance for pain but this is killing me and I needed something. He tells me that he will take care of me and then puts something in the IV. I was thinking it would be something like motrin, but then he says this stuff is better than morphine. YIKES. Then it hit me and the cramps were immediately gone. I told him he was my angel. Then it hit my head. I started to feel really stoned.

They wheeled me back to the post op area where you get ready to go. They brought me in and the first nurse looked at me funny. I can only imagine what I looked like. She says are you ok? I said yes, I am just really stoned. They laughed. She slowly got me to sit up and onto the chair. Then she asked me if I wanted a muffin to eat. oh gross. I said let's start slow with some crackers and ginger ale. I was so stoned that I could not move my head. I probably could have gone to sleep but I knew I had to stay awake, eat, and go home. I had a 3 hour drive ahead of me. I was not hungry at all but I was not nauseous at all either. I ate my  four crackers slowly, my jello, and drake my soda. I felt ok. Then another nurse comes by and tells me that I should not be afraid to move. I told her that I was stoned and she laughed. She says oh yeah well they gave you some heavy narcotics and I guess you are a light weight.

I told my DH to take good notes when the dr speaks to him. The good news it that my tubes are clear. They have been clear every time I had checked them, but it has been two years so I wanted to make sure. Then he tells me that the polyps came back. That was my fear. It has been 3 years since I had them checked. They are micro polyps so they do not show up on US. My dh said I had a field of them. I don't know exactly how bad this is until I speak to the Dr at my follow up. I can only imagine that  a field of micro polyps would make it very hard if not impossible for a tiny embryo to implant. He also said the inside of my uterus was irritated/inflamed. He told my DH that I was going in the right direction with the immune dr. He also said that polyps are part of the endometriosis package. So at least I have some stuff to work on. The polyps are gone for for how long? Now I have to follow up with the immune Dr to deal with this inflammation.

I sat there for an hour. Then they had me get up to pee. That is the final test that you are allowed to go. I told them that my head was so heavy that I would probably fall over. They got two nurses to help me up and take me over. I was able to pee enough and was told I could go. I got back in the chair and they took out my IV. The wonderful nurse helped me get dressed. She commented on my great choice of clothes. I told her I am an old pro. I had drawstring PJ pants, no bra, long sleeve undershirt, zip up sweat shit. Fuzzy sock and slippers.

(Warning Gross part, read at your own risk)
I am about ready to leave when I got that feeling. I tell her that I am going to be sick and she comes running with a small pink bowel. Well, thankfully it was only water bc I got so sick that I filled up about 5 of those. She had to pass each one off to the other nurse and give me a new one. Then I am not sure what happened bc it started to splash back out of the bowl onto my clothes. It got all over my arm. Then I was smart to move my legs so the next one hit the floor and not my lap. Oh it was terrible. She threw a towel on the floor and one on my lap. Then my DH starts to distract her and ask her why they use such small bowels. I got really mad. I yelled at him that I was busy and needed her full attention. When It was over, I told her that I do not get sick that often, (it had been two years) but when I do, watch out. She was an angel and cleaned me up. She commented that it smelled like strawberries thanks to the jello. I had to laugh. It did not look not like barf at all. If it was, I would have had to strip my shirt off and go home in a gown. She gave me a towel to take home and keep on my lap for the car.
(Gross part over)

Thankfully that was it. I was able to drive home for 3 hours without any repeat. I had a pillow that I keep in the car and I rested/slept the whole way home.When I got home I was not stoned anymore. I was able to have some light foods. I noticed that my skin was itchy. I thought that my skin was dry or annoyed from me laying down all day.

I woke up this morning and my skin was very itchy. I thought maybe I should take a shower to wash my skin. I went to look in the mirror and I had a huge rash all over my neck and chest front and back. It was creeping up on my face. It was not on my arms or legs.It was so itchy I had to take my shirt off. I tried so hard not to scratch now that I know I have a rash. I called the Dr just now and I am waiting to hear back. I am having a delayed reaction to something. I googled dilantin and it said you could get a rash from that. The rash is getting worse. I am not sure if I just need some cream or an internal medicine. It is weird how it is central to my face, neck and then down the middle of  my chest/back to my belly button.

The nurse called me and said right now they are thinking delayed reaction from the anesthesia meds and to treat it like a basic rash with some cream and some bendryl. She said it should start to go down and be gone by the end of the day and to call back if it does not go away in a day. Thankfully I am home bc I cannot wear a bra. I would have to wear a potato sack. I have to go back tomorrow so I hope it is gone by then.


  1. OK, can I just say the comment about your bark smelling like strawberries almost make we vomit.


    So glad it went well (all things considered) and that those nasty polyps are now outta there!!

  2. TCIE: Better to smell like jello than the other stuff. LOL I did warn you. I can only imagine what that poor nurse said, when she went home and her DH asked how her day was.

  3. Glad to hear you are home and feeling better...although, I do hope they figure out the cause of the rash quickly!

    Prayers that there is good news at your follow-up.

  4. Oh gosh what a day! So glad you are getting good care and hopefully on the road to healing. I will say that I had awful itching after both of my sections from the anesthesia. But no rash so not sure about that. Can you take some benadryl? Hoping you feel better very soon.

  5. Sounds like quite the day! I hope that the rash subsides soon and that you can relax!

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  7. I'm sure you meant to say Dilaudid instead of Dilantin (epilepsy med). I'm glad you got to go ahead with the surgery and I hope that this means you are the road to your BFP. Your blog has been so helpful to me!

  8. lol well I was pretty stoned when she said it who who knows what I was on. Well the rash got worse. It spread all down my belly to my thigh area. Then it started to spread down my arms. Then my face started to puff up. This all happened while taking benedryl and wearing cortisone cream. If I wake up and I am still really bad, I am going to see my local dr. ugh

  9. Glad you have no more polyps! I'm sorry that recovery was so rough, but thank God for amazing pain meds! :-)


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