Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's Not About the Nail

In the video the man thinks he has the solution to her problem. It seem like a quick fix and looks very obvious, but she just wants him to listen. She does not want him to fix her. The moral of the story is to listen to someone who is having a problem and not try to fix it.

I though about IF and how many times I have told another person that I can't get pregnant and they want to offer advice. Even now that I tell them I am moving forward with adoption, I still get advice. I saw this and I had to post it on my blog. It made me laugh which I need right now, but it also reminded me of how people view IF. They think the solution is so easy and so obvious.

Disclaimer: I embedded the link to this video. This video is g rated. Once it is done, youtube will display other videos that it thinks you may like. I did not pick those. I have no control over what they will pick.


  1. I love this video! I actually watched it again just yesterday. It's so, so accurate to the difference between how men and women process problems. I've never thought of it through the IF lens before, but you're absolutely right. Thanks for helping me see that perspective!

  2. That video is great. I never connected it to IF before though. Very true!


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