Saturday, October 11, 2014

Waiting Time:Two Months

Today I thought I would check my blog and saw that it has been two months since I last posted. Sept is the start of a new school year for me so I have also been very busy. There has not been anything new to report on the adoption process. We have been waiting for the past two months to get a match.

At first I was content with just being done with all of my paperwork and was happy to relax.
Then reality hit me............We have been waiting for two months and I have not heard anything from the sw. She said she would call me before she showed my profile. I guess it is possible that if there was a perfect match she would have just shown it without calling.

We are going into  the time of year with lots of  holidays and then the weather gets colder. I am not going to harass her yet. I will give it a few more months.


  1. Two months is not a long dh and I have now been waiting ten...ugh. Well, that is when our contract started but we were not done with our homestudy until March. They started showing our paper profile in Jan. I know how hard the wait is...two months does seem like a long does ten months...all waiting is long...but it is part of the process. Our contract is up after two years so we know we have to wait at least that long. Right now, I just try to stay busy and not think too much about it. I'm trusting our Good Lord with the future.

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