Wednesday, September 9, 2015


When she was in the hospital she wore a T shirt (side snap kimono style) diaper and blanket. The SW had told me to bring an outfit to take her home in. I had a cute outfit that I bought for this day and when I put it on her I quickly realized that snaps are horrible. There were snaps all the way up and down her legs. I had no idea that babies wriggle around and kick their legs so much. Even at two days old this girl had leg power.

The next day, I went out and bought a bunch of T-shirts like she had in the hospital. OMG so much better.  For the first two weeks, she had the umbilical stump, so I liked having the half shirt to keep air flowing. The dr said not to do anything to the stump.

 After the stump fell off, I thought I would put her in a onesie since this was the one item that everyone mentioned over and over again. I put the first one on and it was tough to get it over her head without her getting really upset. It was really tough to get her arms into the holes since they were very rigid and I was worried about hurting her. It was so much more work than the simple side snap.

Then I was getting ready to leave the house and her diaper blew out the side and the onesie got messy on the bottom.  ERGHH so I just cut off the bottom and left the house bc I could not deal with trying to get it off and then put another one back on.  On that day, I hated onesies and did not really get the appeal. She went back to the side snap.

She continued to wear the side snap, diaper, blanket combo for the first 4 weeks. It was so easy. I could quickly open the blanket and check the diaper. Then since the T-shirts were side snap they did not have to go over her head. They were very easy to get onto her arms too. The shirts were white and I found that oxy clean totoally got out any formula/drool stain. I did also buy her a bunch of newborn sleepers with zippers. They were hard to find bc most sleepers had snaps. The sleepers were great and she wore them during the day if it was cold. They did not have to go over her head and they were quick to open and close.

After the first month, she started to get more active and the side snap would start to ride up. That is when the light bulb went off why the onesie is so great. I also was just out of my 30 day return period so I felt more comfortable taking the tags off of her clothes. I started to dress her in onseis and now I love them. She has a ton bc that is what everyone gives you. She has all sorts of colors and it has been really fun to "dress" her up.

If I ever got the chance again, I would still  start out with the side snap shirts/zipper sleepers until about 4 weeks old. She is so much bigger now and fits into 0-3 months clothes at 7 weeks old. She does not seem to mind getting dressed now, so I am wondering if her head is more solid and when she was younger maybe it was more sensitive. I also found that putting her arms into a onesie early on was very hard and it is much easier now, so maybe her arms are more flexible.

Friends and family continue to drop off clothing. I am starting to get larger sizes which is great. The larger sized clothing looks more like real clothing. There are dresses, shorts, etc. I had a huge bag of clothes so one day I sorted them all out and put them into her closet by size.


  1. I think too you probably got more comfortable handling your little one when dressing her and that helped. When I lived in Montana, since it was so cold, moms would bundle their babies up when they went out; sometimes with them wearing 2-3 onesies :)

    I always appreciated hand me downs.


  2. In case you need to get a onesie off after you have another blow out. This is why onesies are made the way they are. Hope it helps in future.

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