Saturday, November 6, 2010

Possible Treatment for LUFS

I have LUFS, which is Luteinized Unruptured Follicle Syndrome. With this condition, I have normal 28 cycles. I have normal BBT rises. I get a positive OPK. I even get a progesterone level over 15, at 7DPO. It all makes it look like I am normal. BUT I do not actually ovulate. My follicle does not pop.This is why the RE told me there was nothing wrong with me and IVF was the only way to go.
I came across this LUFS treatment Article on the internet. It was written two years ago by a DR.  in Japan. Here is my summary on it becuase the article is very complicated to read. Right before ovulation there is an increase in some type of white blood cells. This  reacts with  the follicle wall. It makes it thinner, so that when you get the LH surge it will pop open. This makes complete sense for me. I can grow a normal follicle on my own, but they never pop. THis medicine is supposed to increase your white blood cells to provide the missing reaction.
 I was very excited to have an option to pursue becuase it seems that everything else has failed. I emailed the Dr in Japan and he emailed me back the next day. He is still doing the research and now has a 90% success rate. I asked my Dr about it. He said that he never heard of it before. He is going to call the Dr in Japan and ask him about the research and then he will consider treating me with it....... I am so excited that I may finally have a real treatment after 3.5 years of infertility........
I am pasting the response from the Dr in Japan below...
     Thank you very much for your interest in my research!

     If your LUFS is not caused by severe adhesion of around ovaries due to endometriosis, pelvic surgeries, etc, the treatment using G-CSF is effective at the rate of more than 90 %.  The number of our clinical trial reached to 70 cycles and the effective rate is more than 90%.
We will publish the new paper in English regarding our clinical trial, when the numbers of the cycle reach to 100 cycles.

     G-CSF is widely used in the field of cancer treatment to increase the number of Granulocytes.  In the USA, it is marketed by Amgen with the brand name Neupogen (filgrastim), although we are using another type of G-CSF, lenograstim.  There are no differences between them.

     In our country, we can use any drug for any purpose, if patient gives her doctor an informed consent.
I don't know the situation in the USA.  If the situation is the same, you can receive G-CSF treatment by your doctor.
Until today, we have no side effects of G-CSF in our clinical trial.
If your doctor has more questions, I am willing to answer his questions.

     Thank you again for your interest!

     with best regards,

     Yours sincerely,

Satoru Makinoda, M.D.
Professor and Chairman
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Kanazawa Medical University
920-0293 Japan


  1. I have LUFS too, dx by Dr. Hilgers and successfully treated by him, thankfully. Yes, everything looked picture perfect on the outside too, but on the inside, not so much! Interesting article!

  2. Dear WheelbarrowRider,

    Can you tell us what was treatment of Dr. Hilgers that successfully worked for you?

  3. hi. im looking to have the same stretm' just for thin lining. hope will work on me...waiting for 9 yearsssss

  4. Really it was a nice post..thanks for sharing......
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