Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 2010

The treatment plan this month:
Biaxin for CD 1-10 for both of us. Mucinex starting CD11. Get US scans to track follicle development and then take trigger shot at maturity. The trigger is actually 3 shots. One 10,000 units of HCG and Two amps of menopur.Post peak PIO shots again. They really seem to be working in making the unruptured cysts go down. (This is a big step forward) I am also getting that mass on my ovary checked out and DH is getting two  tests done.
Start of the cycle: 
 Everything going fine. CD 4 US showed no residual cysts. I got that mass checked out. It appears to be a hemorrhagic cyst. From what I have read, these things are persistent and can take months to go away. I will get it rescanned it a few months to recheck its size. DH got his tests done without any drama. We did a regular count and then the DNA fragmentation test. Still waiting for results.
Mid Cycle:
US showed two follicles maturing. This is interesting because I have not taken any stims. I guess this goes with my wacky ovaries, LUFS, and cysts. At CD 14 they were 15 and 16. So I had to go back after a few days to check on them. On CD17 they were 17 and 19. So I took the triggers the next day. This is the first month that I took HCG as a trigger. In the past I took ovidrel. I will go back in a few days to see if it worked.
End of cycle: 
Went back for the US P+4. The follies were still there, but much larger. UGHHHHHH The Dr. called me today and we spoke in length about the frustration of nothing working. He told me to take the next month off from meds and call him after Christmas. I asked him again about trying that med from the research study in Japan. He did not call the Dr yet. I took this as a bad sign. He said that he needs to talk to other drs to make sure that he will not get in trouble.ughhhhhhhhh So after I hung up, I cried because now I am at the end of the road. There are no other options left for me. He said maybe after Christmas, but I am starting to doubt it. After I hit rock bottom, I decided that I am not ready to quit. I am still a patient at my RE even though my NAPRO dr has been calling the orders for the past year. I decided to write him a letter and give him a copy of the research and see what he says. After that I might write Dr. Hiilgers, and after that I thought about writing the Dr in Japan to see if he can write the script of knows any us DR that would........ I AM STILL FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BW came back. I had to do p+10 becuase of the holiday. P15.6 and E 52. Took a test on P+14 and it was negative.

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  1. Oh gosh, I hope there is no end to this cycle :) Praying for a good outcome. Everything looks good! Keep us posted!


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