Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 2010

Sept 2010: No TEBB. thanks to Biaxin Yeah! CD 3, some big cysts were still there. =( CD 15, us showed a nice follie in the middle of the cysts. The Dr told me to trigger. I was surprised. I added menopur to the ovidrel in the hopes that the extra LH in the menopur would help. CD18, us showed follicle collapsing, but unsure of what that means. He had me take a PIO shot the night before, so maybe that affected things.  Blood work was P: 31.9 and E 521  The nurse saw something solid on my right ovary and did not know what it was. UGH.....

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  1. The other stuff is unfamiliar to me, but Biaxin and TEBB are all too familiar. Thankfully, it was the final piece to our IF puzzle and we are due wtih our 2nd baby (conceived on our 1st cycle trying!) tomorrow!!!!


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