Saturday, September 25, 2010

PIO shots

In September, my dr ordered an Intramuscular PIO shot for the first time. My husband gave it to me and injected me in the wrong spot. He got too close to my sciatic nerve. I had severe leg pain and I could barely walk. It was a deep muscle/ligament pain that stopped my leg from functioning. It was not just a sore muscle ache.  I was limping for two weeks. I could not cross my legs, I could not get into the car without crying, it hurt so bad to swing my leg over. I want to warn you, if you are going to take these shots, to make sure that you get the right spot.So here is a great picture of a cartoon butt, that shows the correct spots. This is for medical/educational purposes.

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  1. I remember reading about this on the boards. I was so sorry to hear about this. My dh gives the shots as well, we did do hcg this way before it was just under the skin, and then pio this way. Thankfully he pretty much has the location down, but he does tend to go on the high side.


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