Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Follicles and Flowers

Had my last US scan on Thursday. Based on my scans this month, the nurse estimated that my follicle would be mature on Saturday. I started to use some OPKs to see what day would be the best to take the trigger. I got a +opk on Sunday so I took the trigger that morning.

I spoke to my napro Dr to give him an update on my consultations with the hematologist and the immune consultant. He is great. He is so wonderful to help me coordinate with other doctors and not feel awkward about it. We have our plan for the next two months until I have my apt with the fancy immunologist in NYC in May. Then who knows what the plan will be.

I had a blow up with my neighbor. You may not remember but a little while back she stuck an ugly drain pipe in my flower bed without warning. Since we have a townhouse that is connected the rule is to  discuss this type of thing first. I got over it and decided that it was not that bad. Then the  other day I came outside and saw that she had dug up my flowers and removed my stone border in order to bury her pipe in my flower bed. UGH so my dh rang her bell to express our disappointment.

Her brother was over and he was the one who did it. We got into a loud verbal argument. He said it was her property. We said that it has been our flowerbed for 8 years and that  you ask permission before you take out flowers and ruin them. It is unclear exactly whose property is it since our houses are joined together but it is a clear violation of personal space.  Then she stared to insult my flower bed and said that it looked like sh** and it was full of weeds. This woman is about 60 and she was swearing. So it went on back and forth, until he ripped the pipe back out. (We never told them to take it out, only that we would have liked to have had input in the decision.)

Then we walked away. She later sent us a letter apologizing for the escalation but not for the action. She still felt justified in what she did. We decided to accept the apology and decided that we going to move the border of the flower bed over to what she says is our side. Then she can bury the pipe on her side and leave my flowers alone. We went to the garden store and bought some new borders and new flowers. Unfortunately it has been too cold to go out and enjoy planting flowers.


  1. Oh my gosh!! Crazy neighbor!!!
    That's too bad. Has this been the only time there has been an issue? You would think that people ask first if they are unsure, but I guess not.
    Hoping the weather is nice so you can revamp your flowers.
    I'm glad you have a plan for the next few months!!!

  2. My mom is in a townhome and she has a neighbor that is the same way. Sad. And kind of scary! Good of you to compromise.

  3. Townhouse living is so hard! Neighbours can be so crazy!

  4. Wow. I've heard of burying the hatchet, but burying the pipe?? ;P Sometimes people suck. There, I said it.

    Who's this fancy immunologist in NYC?? (I went to SIRM for Intralipid infusions, is that where you're going?)

  5. AIHPT, SC, and JB: yeah living that close to someone is tough. She is usually not this bad. She lives alone and is kind of uptight but harmless. She knew I was not excited about the pipe when she put it in so she decided to be sneaky about burying it. Like I would not notice??? I can't wait for nice weather to go out there and fix the flowers.

    TCIE:Im going to see Dr Braverman. I spoke to him a few times last year. He made some breakthroughs in my case. He is very smart and up on all the new treatments, but he is overloaded with patients and always in a rush. He also costs and arm and a leg so I have not consulted with him since last May. We are going down to meet him in person for the first time. This way he cannot just rush me. I have a lot of new tests to go over.


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