Friday, August 17, 2012

Completed the First Month of LDN

Today I have been taking LDN for a month. It is also test day.

I am not sure if the LDN is doing anything for my fertility. I will be getting some immune tests done next month to find out. This month was the transition month. I had to ease into this drug by taking 2mg, then 3mg, and finally 4.5 mg.

Every time I upped the dose I had the same symptoms. Crazy vivid dreams that could turn into nightmares. Sleepless nights. I used to always go to sleep right away and would always sleep through the night. This past month has been totally different. I can't go to sleep right away. Then when I do get to sleep, I have dreams or I wake up repeatedly. Some nights I would wake up and then I was totally awake and had to get out of bed and go downstairs.

The weird thing was that I kinda felt tired but not like you would expect.  I was not cranky at all. There was a period of about 2 weeks where I did not sleep, but I was not crabby at all. In fact my dh said that my mood was better. He said that in general I was more even and calmer.

Eventually I could not take the fact that I was not sleeping so I started to take some benedryl post peak. This made it much better. I did wake up once or twice but I was able to get back to sleep.

Now that I am at the end of a month of LDN, my sleeping is starting to get better. Last night was pretty good and I did not take any benedryl.

I had no pms at all this month so at least the LDN did something. 

I took my test today and of course it was negative. I am not sad, I am mad. I have been sticking myself in the belly twice a day all month for nothing.  Also I think the LDN is making me really CSP. I usually have that issue in general, but magnesium makes it all normal. This month has been really bad. I have had to start back on the prunes in addition to the magnesium. UGH


  1. I am sorry about the test- I am glad you are adjusting to the LDN. I think it takes a couple months for it to effect autoimmune/imflammation issues. My PMS was better too this month with the 8mgs (she increased mine). Sending hugs!!

  2. So sorry about the test. :(

    I'd give the LDN more time. I know that when I was off of it pre- and post-op that I didn't feel 100% like myself. I'm on the same dose as you are.

  3. I hate that the test was negative and feel like you do ... mad! ... about all the shots, pills, etc. for nothing at the end of the month! :-(

  4. I started the LDN at 1.5 then 3 then up to 4.5. I did have crazy weird dreams to start with, but those have stopped. It probably took about 2-3 weeks. My problem now is not being able to sleep. Although, I'm not sure if the LDN or T3 is to blame.

    BFNs piss me off too! Such a let down. My poor husband gets emotional and cries, I get mad.


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