Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good News

This year for the first time teachers will get a growth score that rates how their students did on the state test compared to others students from across the state. They compare each student's score from last year to this year. They used some crazy impossible to understand formula to figure this all out. They decide how much each student should improve and then figure out if they did or not.

Each teacher earns one of four growth ratings (Highly Effective, Effective, Developing, Ineffective) and a growth score from 0-20 points.From stated ed's website "approximately 7% of teachers earned Highly Effective, or student growth was "well above the State average for similar students"; 77% of teachers earned Effective, or student growth "equal to the average for similar students"; 10% earned Developing or "below average growth for similar students"; and 6% earned Ineffective or "well-below average growth for similar students."

 My district has high needs and low resources. This means many of my students are on free lunch. My students also have a lot of challenges at home etc. Teaching them math when their life is unstable is very hard. I love my job and I love the challenge of helping them move forward. I put in many many hours. I tutor kids after school.

I busted my butt all year. When I heard that teachers were getting rated this year, I thought that I better get a good score or I will lose it. This year my students improved from 68% passing on last year's test to 84% this year but who knew if that was good enough or not.

Today I got my score. I did really well. I got 18 which is highly effective. I shed some tears of joy bc I worked so hard. Then my principal told me that only two teachers in our building got this rating. At first I was shocked but then I went home and saw online that it was only 7% of all the teachers in the state, so 2 is actually great for our school.

My first reaction was that I did not want anyone to know. I got thinking that others are going to ask me about my score and what do I say? I started to think about all the negative things that could happen. I guess I got a flashback to high school when you got an award  and someone would call you a nerd. My principal said the scores were private and he was not allowed to tell anyone. Later on parents will be able to request your score and then they could post it on FB if they wanted to.

When I got home and saw only 7% across the state got this rating, my attitude changed. I thought that maybe they should recognize us. Each year there is an award assembly for the whole district. They give out pins etc. Would I really be ok with it? I don't know.

I do think that State ed should have a special dinner and invite all the teachers and give us a certificate. I worked really hard. I want something nice to frame. I don't know if I will be able to get this rating next year so I want to enjoy it now.

I am so exited about this. It was perfect timing to have something nice happen. I could really use this.


  1. Awesome news! Congratulations!!

    As I was reading your post, I was thinking how many wonderful teachers I've met through the blogs and remembering a couple of wonderful teachers who had a strong impact on my own life. THANK YOU for doing what you do! :)

  2. Awesome!!! Congratulations!!!! It feels so good when you KNOW you did amazing and that score PROVES it!!! You deserve praise and recognition for sure!!

  3. Yay! Way to go. That is an AWESOME accomplishment. You should be so proud of your work, and yes, you should be recognized some way. 7% is definitely the minority of teachers, and you are a part of that amazing minority. Take that, dang principle and co-worker who caused you all those problems last year. Now go celebrate you and your awesomeness.

  4. THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!! Congrats!! You deserve and earned this!! So happy they quantified the ratings, so others at your school how you bust your A**!!!!!!!!!!

    ps- I would comment more, but this word verification now is 2 words and its nearly impossible to understand!!

  5. Thank you all for the kind words. I woke up this morning and I felt really great about this. My Dh made me a certificate to hang on the fridge. LOL.
    As for the word verification. I hate doing them bc they are too hard to read. I think you need to BE a robot to be able to read them. I just turned it off. So hopefully I don't get slammed with spam.


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