Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prayers needed for Newton, CT

Yesterday afternoon my principal came to my door and told me that there had been a school shooting in CT. I asked him if it was a high school student gone mad. He told me it was an adult in an elementary school. My jaw dropped. He wanted me to be aware in case any of my students got a text about it. I walked back into my class with a different pair of eyes. I was so grateful that we were all ok. I had to keep myself from crying.

We have practiced lock down drills before. We always knew when they were coming. They were all very orderly. Honestly some teachers even cheat and keep their door locked etc. We get down on the ground in a huddle. It is very hard to keep them quiet. The principal will jiggle the door handle and you are not allowed to answer the door or the phone. The kids are scared to imagine that someone is out there trying to get in.

I cannot imagine what these little children went through hearing gunshots. Running for cover. Trying to find a place to hide. Wondering if you will get out alive. I watched it on the news and I read one story about a teacher and I cried both times. I even cried on my way home yesterday.

I am sure that nobody out there can ever imagine that someone is capable of  murdering tons of children like this. There is evil in the world. Prayers are needed.

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