Saturday, February 23, 2013

Project Ideas?

This is a hard time of the year for me. Most of my surgeries in the past have all been around this time which reminds me of my failures. My last hystersocopy was last Feb. Three years ago was my big napro surgery. I checked my chart and it has been about 5 months since I tried any medications. I needed to take that break bc I was about to lose my mind. I was really hoping that I would get that miracle oops baby people seem to get when you stop trying.... like everyone seems to believe is the miracle cure.

It has also been hard lately because the weather is too cold. This means going to the mall is my main source of getting out of the house. The mall is crawling with preggos or children which is really hard sometimes. The grocery store has been bad with the stupid tabloids that have nothing better to write about than who is the next preggo. ugh

I have been trying to stay positive. I have enjoyed more time to spend on my dh, my house, and my job. I have also been working on teachers pay teachers a lot. I am now up to 18 likes on FB. 9 are from friends and the other 9 are unknowns. It is a slow start but I'll take it. Thank you to anyone who liked me on FB.

 I was thinking about how a reproductively challenged person could turn their disability into a positive. We don't have any special sporting events just for IFs. I can't really go around giving motivational speeches when I have not had any success. You can't go around with a badge that says you survived IF. You just have to suffer in silence.

I was going to think of a project for IF awareness month in April. In the past, I did a sock swap. I am not really feeling creative right now, but if anyone has an idea of something to swap to cheer each other up, I would be willing to organize it.


  1. I don't have any good ideas for IF ... The sock swap sounded fun. I didn't participate last time. :-/ I don't know ... A daily positive email reminder? I'm so bad at this.
    It is so painful to get out amidst the land of preggos & kids when you want to be a mom so badly. Something about spring being an uber fertile time. I still get my stomach in knots when I don't expect a pg belly. I'm not sure that will ever to away.
    I'm glad your TPT is going so well! I've checked out your site & you do a great job with your info! Just had to tell you!

  2. I'm afraid, my creative juices are not flowing right now... no better ideas than a sock swap. Unless maybe a kitchen towel swap. (I'm looking at my kitchen now...)

    It is hard to stay positive, especially in spring. Everything is alive and blooming and fertile...

  3. How about a kitchen towel swap with a recipe card for a healthy anti-inflammatory recipe? Or an earring swap? I always need more kitchen towels and earrings cheer me up. Good to know that IF awareness month is in April. I think it should be in May when mother's day is ;)


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