Saturday, October 26, 2013

First Form in the Mail

This past cycle was 26 days long. Woohoo. I will take it. I think last month was 32 days. This is my second month in a row off of progesterone. In the past when I was off of it, I would have a 21 days cycle. In  my new attempt to move on, I wanted to break free from all fertility meds if possible.

My cycle was very light which is also a bonus. I only had one heavy day where you have to watch what you wear and do etc.  Zero cramps. YEAH!!! So if I am going to be IF at least I will be able to brag about my great AF...HAHAHAHHA Don't worry I won't post that one to FB. =)

I am doing pretty good with moving on....I still think this will take time. I am very excited but I have to admit that I did cry about it once this month..... Hey I am getting better....small steps.

We mailed in our first form with a check of $50. I have to admit that I held out until AF showed just in case....This is the pre-application form. Once they get this I will get access to an online portal and will then fill out a 6 page online form.

I have not told my mom yet. I am not sure why. I guess for normal people when they get a BFP, they wait a little while to tell people. I guess I still cannot believe it it real. Maybe I want to make a special announcement???? I kinda feel like this is some sort of  adoptive parent BFP, where I am really excited but not sure that this will happen or not. So I'm not ready to to tell too many people yet. Thinking about how and when I will tell everyone etc.

When I have told my friends they have been supportive. They are getting me pumped up about feeling hopeful and excited. I have joked with them about needing to hold fundraisers....but I was serious. This is going to be expensive so I have to start thinking about what I want to do.

One of my co-workers who wants to adopt asked for maternity leave and was denied. I was shocked and could not believe that they would discriminate like that. Our contract and our state does not mandate paid maternity leave. Our school has always allowed women to take sick time up to 6 weeks paid. I just assumed I would be able to use my time. I have been saving my time for years to use for a maternity leave. This is another reason why I am not ready to go totally public.


  1. That is so exciting!!! The first form! :-D
    I wish people would be as excited about adoption as a BFP - sadly, that doesn't happen as often as I'd like - but there's no sense in not shouting it to the online world! :-D I'll celebrate with you!
    It is a VERY happy occasion (and yes, the sadness of IF sneaks in sometimes) and you are looking forward and taking strides to have your little one in your arms!
    I hope you can take your leave - if you have all the days saved up, I don't see why you cannot. There is a short term disability plan at my work that the HR dept said would cover things like this (don't think I get paid for it ... I can't remember.)

  2. We will celebrate with you too!


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