Monday, February 3, 2014

Still Waiting

Last Friday was CD 24 and I started some light spotting. I thought ok AF is here. I seem to be on this long/short cycle pattern every other month. This month was supposed to be a short one. It was not really a big deal. I expected it to happen. I thought 24 days was not too bad. Then it stopped. That really annoyed me. I was like ok come on let's go and get this over with. 

Then it happened again on Sat, Sun, and Monday which is today. Now I am on CD 27. Normally this does not happen to me.  I stopped charting a long time ago, and I could not find a post about it, but I think I can only recall one other time. Usually for me once it starts it just gets going without stopping until its over. 

This is weird for me. So of course now I start to go through the whole roller coaster of emotions like maybe I'm having implantation spotting, maybe I'm pg. Maybe I should go buy a test.  Later on it became UGH maybe its menopause. Why do I still do this to myself after all  this time???

I am still very excited to become a mother through adoption. All this paperwork has been hard on me. It has been overwhelming for me.  It has been 4 months since I started the process. I know that I have to be patient but it is so tough. The gloomy, cold weather makes it worse.

We have almost all of our paperwork done. I know that I keep saying that, but we have tons of papers and I am at the point where I have to answer questions about myself and write my autobiography. ERGH, I hate writing essays. I am a math teacher. 

It is supposed to snow this week, maybe I will get lucky and get a snow day. 


  1. I hate the roller-coaster too!!! Praying for peace for you!!

  2. Sorry your cycle is playing tricks on you!! I hope it's all sorted out by now. Or that it gets sorted out soon!! Also, I used to be a math teacher too!! 9th & 10th grade, Algebra 1 & 2. I'm totally with you -- the autobiography was sooo hard for me to write. Can't I just have someone follow me around for a week and then write what they think about me? Haha. I'm no good at putting my life into words. But give me a tough math problem and I'm ready to go! :) Anyway, so happy that giant pile of adoption paperwork is almost done. Hope you can get through this last bit with ease!

    1. Thanks for the thoughts. =)
      We wrote ours at the same time and then swapped. His was so great. Mine was not, but it was mine and I have to accept that I don't have to be perfect. I finally finished my essay tonight.


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