Friday, February 21, 2014

This is starting to get real

On Saturday, I mailed my huge packet of papers (minus that one little guardian form) to the social worker. I put a tracker on the envelope so I knew that it had arrived on Tues. I have been waiting patiently to hear back.

 Today (Friday) I decided it was long enough so I played dumb and sent an email. I told her that I mailed out my forms and I was wondering if they had arrived yet. I also asked for a basic time line for them to get processed. I told myself that it would probably take a few months. At this point, I just wanted confirmation that they were not lost in the office or in large pile on someone's desk etc.

 Not long after I sent my note, I got back this email from her.

 Hi __________ Great job,,,I received your packet and already started processing it. Your fingerprints arrived and your medical forms arrived. I sent you out a packet with two missing forms, and a Bethany Newletter/ Magazine, and a sample adoptive parent profile book (the most popular one). Good job… Give us about 7 to 10 days to review everything and call you back. It looked good to me. Your caseworker is ___________ for the homestudy report, and your file is now on her desk for review. 

WOW, this is starting to get real. Dare I get my hopes up? Not yet, but I am so excited that I finally turned in those darn forms. I started to cry...... but this time it was tears of joy, hope, and accomplishment. I was glad that I was totally correct to just send in what I had and not be perfect about it.

Did you notice how many times she wrote that I did a great job?

WOOHOOO. I hope that you can share in my joy.


  1. Awesome! We just had our first meeting today and need to get a move on those papers! Good job!!

  2. It's a big step in the right direction. It is sooooo hard not to get your hopes up. I find myself wanting to buy baby things but have decided to wait until our h.s is complete (which should be soon). Right now there is such a slim chance of anything happening. Waiting is hard but just a necessary part of the adoption process.

  3. Yay! Can't wait to keep hearing your story....

  4. Yay! I think it's so important to celebrate every step that's accomplished, especially when it come to filling out tedious paper work.

  5. We're adopting through Bethany too! Congrats on this huge step!!! So exciting!!!

  6. WOOHOO is right! Totally sharing in your joy right now. :)

  7. So very happy for you!


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