Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Moving on to Home Study

Good News!

The social worker emailed me last night to say that our state application was approved so now we are moving on to the home study. We start with an interview in their office. She said it was going to be an hour.  ergh so that made me nervous. Can anyone who has been through this give me some  info on what they want to talk about?

Her first opening was the last week of March.  I am fine with waiting bc I need to relax from the stress of getting all those papers done. I am very happy to move forward.


  1. CONGRATS on moving onto the next step!!! I have no help to offer in terms of what they'll want to talk about at the meeting. I'm glad you'll have some time to regroup before the next big step begins. Continued prayers for your journey!

  2. My dh and I just went through that interview process and it is very easy. They just ask about your childhood and your relationship with your parents, siblings, etc. They'll ask about how you were disciplined. Our sw interviewed each of us separately and one time together to ask us questions about our relationship and what our plans are when we get our forever baby. I was nervous too but it was easy and it went by quickly. We are just waiting for our fingerprint clearance and then the sw will come to our home for one last interview and check our house out...then we should be done. Moving forward is a wonderful thing!!!

  3. Yay for moving on to the home study! Our first meeting with our SW was just for her to get to know us a little better with verrrrry basic questions. Then she gave us a big stack of paperwork, went through the requirements, then sent us off on our merry way. If you've already done the bulk of the paperwork, your SW will probably do more of what prayerfuljourney mentioned -- ask you about your family, your marriage, your thoughts on adoption, etc. She's just trying to get the whole picture of who the two of you are so she can write it in the final home study document. Oh, and she's making sure you're healthy people, fit to be parents, which I'm sure you are! So don't sweat it! I'll be praying for you guys that last week of March. You're both going to be great!


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