Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Annual Home Inspection

The sw came to my house for our annual inspection. This experience was totally different than last year. Last year she started out with insulting me about my clutter and how small my house was.This year she came into my house and was nice. She complimented me on how clean my house was.  I just smiled and thanked her. She said that I really cleaned up nice. Again, I smiled and nodded. It is amazing how the timing worked out, bc we had to clean out the house to sell it.

Then she tells me that I am a totally different person this year. She said last year I was depressed and I got really mad at her when she mentioned my clutter...... OMG so I had to just smile and nod. She said all of my stuff was keeping me down and now I am free. I smiled and nodded bc even though it was kind of annoying, she was being nice and was complimenting me. If you spoke to her you would think I should be a guest on hoarders.

I showed her pictures of our new house. I think that also helped a lot to set the mood bc she loved that house and knew that we would be living there soon. She reviewed our home study. This time it was easy bc we only had to confirm that the information was the same. Last year she interviewed us and it was really tough.

We spoke again about case #5 and she said that the bm was still interested. She was going to see her soon and make sure that she was still on board with this plan. We are not going to meet her.

The sw said that this woman could deliver any day. We are both leaving the area for a few days this weekend, but she said it was ok. Then if we take the baby home, she would come back to the house in three days to make sure we had a bassinet, food, clothing, and diapers.

Today the sw wanted money for the bm's lawyer.  This is the furthest we have ever gotten.

HMMMM this might be getting real.


  1. Good luck with everything!

  2. This does sounds like it is getting real. Many prayers!

  3. I love how her expectations of cleanliness are forced upon her clients. Not everyone lives in an OCD world!!
    Fingers crossed this will work out for you, new baby and moving!!

  4. I laugh at this because I was your roommate once! SW sounds a little nutty for sure.


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