Male Issues

It is important to know  how to do a proper semen analysis.
Poke a few small holes in a non latex, non spermicidal condom. This will allow you to collect a sample during natural relations and stay in line with church teachings. Your Dr should be able to provide them, if not here is a link to get them online.    Here is another store

There are many things than can be tested for  such as DNA fragmentation, hormones, obstructed ducts, low sperm count, morphology, immune issues, infections, and varicoceles which are found in about 40% of men with infertility. A physical exam by a urologist and a semen analysis may be required.

DNA Fragmentation Test
Causes of Male infertility from Mayo Clinic
Tests and diagnosis: Mayo Clinic
Male infertility on Wikipedia
Diagnostic Testing for Male Factor Infertility by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine,
A basic guide to Male Infertility by the American Urological Association.

Treatments vary according to the underlying disease and the degree of the impairment of the male fertility.
They could include, surgery, antibiotics, medication to regulate hormones, vitamin supplements etc.
See a urologist or find a napro techology trained Dr.
Treatment: Mayo Clinic
Varicocele: American Society for Reproductive Medicine

10 tips to increase Fertility in Men by Rachel Gurevich
Tip #1  Consider Adding Some Antioxidants to Your Diet
Tip #2  Watch Your Soy Intake
Tip #3   Quit Smoking
Tip #4   Avoid Toxic Chemicals in the Workplace
Tip #5   Keep Things Cool
Tip #6  Aim for a Healthy Weight
Tip #7  Go Easy on the Alcohol
Tip #8  Treat Underlying Medical Conditions
Tip #9  Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy
Tip #10  BD Frequently

Supplements (Consult your Dr before starting any new supplement)

**Since sperm formation takes almost three months, it will take at least this amount of time before reaping the benefits of a nutrient supplementation program. 

Zinc,Vitamin C, selenium, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Lycopene, pycnogenol, L-arginine