My TTC Summary

April 2013:    Hysteroscopy. Found and removed uterine polyps.
March 2013: Break
February 2013: Break
January   2013:  Break
December 2012:  Break

November 2012: Went off LDN. Could not tolerate the side effects. Had immune tests run and my TNF was very high. Decided it was not really doing anything for me. Went in for a baseline US and saw a large 5cm cyst. I had not taken the trigger the month before bc I got lazy about it. This month I took a much needed break from shots except the trigger.

October 2012 Third month on LDN

September 2012: Second month on LDN.

August 2012: Started LDN.  This month will be LDN, lovenox, lupron trigger, etc.
p + 7  P 20.6 and E184 Follicle was 21mm at trigger.

July 2012: 4th month in a row on neupogen. Ok time for a new plan. I researched LDN and asked my napro dr for it. He agreed. I will start it next month. This month is going to be mostly the same as the last three. Spoke to the RI he said that DH and I have HLA matches. This causes an autoimmune problem. Neupogen is the treatment but I've already been taking it. UGH. p+7 numbers P 12.6 and E 287 BFN

June 2012 This is the third month with the same plan. Everything looks good so far. P + 7 numbers were fine. P 13 and E 112.  BFN

May 2012: Same protocol as last month. All the scans were good, no cysts. Everything was textbook this month. Saw the RI for the first time in a year. Nothing new. He said my endo that was causing poor egg quality and that was my issue. It was a big disappointment.BFN. My CBC was great. I had the highest number ever 220. This is most likely due to the fact that I started iron pills every other day last month. BFN

April 2012 Back into the game. Blood tests came back. My NK is elevated which I knew. I tested positive for another blood clotting disorder so it seems that the blood thinners are key. Made an apt to see the RI in May.
 CD3 baseline showed no cysts! This is huge for me. I was so worried that after 4 months off I would have a ton of them. Started AB/probiotics. CD6 will begin neupogen and lovenox shots.Everything was textbook. Took my trigger cd15. Took piroxicam post peak P+7  was E 79 and P 12. BFN

March 2012: Another month on the bench. Took  progesterone to help plan better and not have a 3 week cycle. That is fine with me. I need time to heal and relax before getting back into the fight. I am also taking this month to get some more blood tests done. I am hoping to get a consult with the reproductive immunologist and then make a new game plan. Spoke the the hematologist. She upped my lovenox to 40mg she said that was the minimum for someone  my weight.

February 2012: Taking another break from ttc this month. Got my tubes checked since it had been 2 years. All clear. Also had another hysteroscopy since it had been 3 years. My micro uterine polyps came back.Will have follow up in a week. Will discuss getting repeat immune testing done. I will speak to the hematologist next month and hopefully the immunologist after that. Then we will see what the new plan is. I hope to get back to trying in April.

January 2012: Taking a  break from most stuff. No antibiotics and no lovenox. Took the trigger based on OPK and did the post peak progesterone. I just finished 3 months of lovenox. I need a break from that stuff. It is very painful to inject and it puts me at risk for osteoporosis. I am also not sure if this is going to work. I asked about doing another napro surgery since it has been 2 years since my last surgery and I am worried that my physical issues may have returned. Dr warned me about taking out too much ovarian tissue. He said I am risking early menopause..UGH so we compromised and I decided to do a hysteroscopy and get my tubes checked instead.

Dec 2011: Started Antibiotics/probiotics. Then my car died so I was not able to go to any monitoring appoints. I probably should have just sat this one out, but I already did the antibiotics. I used the OPK to decide when to take the trigger. My peak day was about 4 days late due to the stress of not having a car. Everything else was fine. Took lovenox again this month. My p+7 BW was normal  e118 and P 14.8. I got another BFN.

Nov 2011 Started Antibiotics/probiotics. Baseline looked good. Old cyst still hanging around on my right. Left was clear and ready to go with a good amount of antral follicles. CD13 went back to check follie. Left is 19mm and the lining looked good. 10mm with a triple layer. Will take neupogen and then the lupron trigger the next day. P+7 BW looked good. Estrogen 98 and Progesterone 14. No stress this month. Everything seemed perfect but BFN. Folate/B12  tests came back high so I am slowing down on the supplements. Vit D level came back higher up to 37 from 24. I still want it higher so I am adding another vit D pill.

Oct 2011: Wow back in the game this month. Started antibiotics due to uterine biopsy.  Results came back negative for bacteria and any abnormal cells.  My uterine natural killer cells were low.YEAH! There are some regulatory cells that calm down the immune system and mine were too low. Looking into treatment options. Went in for baseline us and the large cyst on my right ovary was still there. Left looks clear. Start lovenox on CD6. It goes smoothly. Go back mid cycle and see 13mm and 17mm on left. Lining looks great. Take neupogen and wait two days then take lupron trigger. Start progesterone, estrogen and neupogen p+3. p+7 BW looks good. Estrogen 171 and Progesterone 14.8 Switched from folgard to a more active form of folate. Tested on p+14 BFN

Sept 2011: Started folgard this month to treat MTHFR. I am going down to see my napro dr this month to get a test done for uterine NK cells. I also have an apt with a hematologist this month. Hoping to start lovenox next month and officially get back to TTC. I have mostly taken the last few months off. Had an US done and there is a huge 45mm cyst on right ovary. Tech confirmed that my right ovary is covered with an endometrioma.

August 2011: Doing even less this month. Still waiting for immune tests to come back. Not taking the antibiotics for the first time in awhile. KP recommended that I get some cultures done to test for bacteria so I need to get off the antibiotics for a month to get a real result.Got my results back from the 20 new tests I took. It seems I have 4 blood clotting issues that makes my blood clot too much. Will talk to dr about going on lovenox and Folgard. Started vitamin D due to deficiency. Will retest levels in a few months.

July 2011: Decided to not go to any monitoring appointments this month and probably next month due to change in work schedule and getting more tests done. Took antibiotics and a trigger shot with the +OPK. Going to take progesterone post peak. KP recommended many tests at labcorp and some for Rosalind Franklin so it is taking some time to get this approved by my napro Dr and get everything scheduled. Then it will take a few weeks to get all the results back. Glad to be able to save some money and reduce my stress.BFN

June 2011: AB CD 1-10 Started Neupogen CD2. Had repeat immune tests. My TNF went back down to normal. My NK was cut in half!! So now they are both in the normal range. Tracked my follicle and then took the lupron trigger. Everything went as planned. Went back for US and it had ruptured. P+7 BW was good. E247 and P17.7  BFN Ugh so now that everything seems normal the question is  do I just have to wait for a good egg to come along or is there something else wrong with me? Contacted another immune consultant. She is going over my records and test results. I should have her plan soon. This will probably require some new blood tests.

May 2011: Everything looked great at baselines The usual Antibiotics for CD1-10. CD 4:Started neupogen to treat immune issue. This is a daily injection to the belly. . Went in CD11 and did not see any new growth. There was an old hemorrhagic cyst from last month. Probably due to the huge unruptured follicle from the femara last month. My blood work showed an increase in estrogen. Called the Dr. He said something was there. Went back CD13 and found a new follicle hiding next to the large deteriorating cyst. It was 18mm so I took the lupron trigger. Went back p+4 and follicle had ruptured with fluid seen. My napro chart looked great this month. I think it was the best ever. p+7 E 246 and P15.3 Test day came and BFN.

April 2011:  CD4 showed developing follicle. Started Antibiotics and Femara. Got an IV infusion of Intralipids. CD11 the follicle was already 27mm. BW showed that I was staring to surge on my own. Took the lupron trigger anyway to give it a boost. Came back 3 days later and it had grown to 37mm. It had not ruptured. Learned my lesson. My lufs was not truly gone. The femara made it worse. Got my immune results back. NK stayed the same and TNF doubled. ugh....Did some research and found out that spirulina which is in a health drink I was having, will raise NK and TNF.

March 2011:  CD5 showed two small follicles on the left. CD9 16 and 13 on left. CD12 went in and to my surprise they were gone! Blood work showed decrease in Estrogen, LH and an increase in progesterone. So I ovulated without taking a trigger!!! I had my first dose of intralipids this month. Even though I got a BFN, this was my best month ever. My chart looks great. I ruptured on my own.
Goals: ruptured follicle (met) and normal NK level (waiting to see) (Getting retested early April)

February 2011: Took antibiotics. Went in CD3 for baseline  US and BW. US was descent. No new cysts, just the same old gunky ones hanging around. Most of the BW came back normal. The big surprise was my FSH. I had it tested in Sept and it was 7. Now this month it was 37.3 This is crazy! My immune tests results came in. He said everything was normal except my natural killer cells were elevated. The treatment is intralipids before ovulation. This med needs to be given through an IV and is expensive. I am going to start this next month. I took a lupron trigger for the first time. He had me get bloodwork the next day. My LH went up to 41 and my P was 4. He said those numbers were great and meant that I ovulated. I did P+3 us and it seems that I may have actually ruptured my follicle which would be a huge victory. My ovary is covered in junk so it was hard for her to say 100%, but I did not see any obvious follicle like I always had in the past.....I am pleased that I made some progress this month.

January 2011 This month I mostly took a break, but not 100%. I decided to keep taking the antibiotics to keep the TEBB away. Then I decided not to get a cd3 scan to save money. I had an us CD10 to check out that thing on my ovary. It turns out that it shrank from 30mm to 20mm so that means it is not a tumor and it a complex cyst. YEAH!! She saw a 20mm follicle which was crazy since it was so early. I did nothing else this month except take prometrium post peak. P+7 bloodwork results P 8.3 and E 79
 **I consulted with a reproductive immunologist. He had some new ideas. He said the endo is causing poor egg quality, so he put me on antioxidants and Omega -3 to try to correct it. He also said that my cd3 cysts were most likely caused by low inhibin B levels also due to my endo.Next month I am getting my inhibinB levels tested on CD3  and then I may have to deal with that new issue. I chose him becuase he will let me try the G-csf with him  in a few months. I had my blood drawn for some immune tests. He disagrees with my napro Dr. He believes I am ovulating since my P is over 4 and my E is lower. He said my follicle is sealing back up and I have poor egg quality. My napro Dr still believes that I have LUFS and if I can get the follicle to rupture then I should be all set.

Dec 2010 I have now been working with NAPRO for one year. This month started out with no TEBB which is one of my victories. Then I went in CD4 for the US and I had a cyst that was about 12mm. So I did not take any triggers.I started prometrium at p+3. At p+7 my bw was terrible. P=3.5 and E=25. Ouch! I got really upset and spent hours on the internet searching for something. I found a forum for reproductive immunology. There was a lot of posts about G-CSF which is the med from that research study in Japan. There was a woman on there who has a Dr who uses this medicine. So I wrote him a letter and hope that he will work with my Napro Dr and treat me. So maybe this new year will start out with Dr #4 and hopefully a victory over LUFS.
Nov 2010:  Biaxin for CD 1-10 for both of us. No TEBB. Mucinex starting CD11.  CD 4 US showed no residual cysts. I got that mass checked out. It appears to be a hemorrhagic cyst. From what I have read, these things are persistent and can take months to go away. I will get it rescanned it a few months to recheck its size US showed two follicles maturing. This is interesting because I have not taken any stims. At CD 14 they were 15 and 16. On CD17 they were 17 and 19. So I took the triggers the next day. This is the first month that I took HCG as a trigger. In the past I took ovidrel. I will go back in a few days to see if it worked.
The triggers did not work. My two follicles were still there only larger. BW P 15.6 and E 52. Did the pio injections again. Waiting to see if my RE or my napro Dr will agree to use the medicine from Japan.

Oct 2010: No TEBB Yeah CD3 No cysts for the first time in a while. YEAH Thanks to the PIO shot.  The weird thing on my right ovary is still there.......CD13, follie on the left is getting close to 20mm. Took the ovidrel and menopur triggers on CD15. CD18 us showed the follie was still there and it was 23mm,
My Peak+7 BW was great P20 and E193 I took the PIO shots on P+3, 5, 7,9 without any problems. I found a great cartoon butt to show my husband where to inject. He did great and I had no pain. Starting to realize that this may be the end for me. =( Then I found a great research article from Japan about treating LUFS. My dr will consider it. Next month will try HCG for trigger instead of Ovidrel. 

Sept 2010: No TEBB. Yeah! CD 3, some big cysts were still there. =( CD 15, us showed a nice follie in the middle of the cysts. The Dr told me to trigger. I was surprised. I added menopur to the ovidrel in the hopes that the extra LH in the menopur would help. CD18, us showed follicle collapsing, but unsure of what that means. He had me take a PIO shot the night before, so maybe that affected things.  Blood work was P: 31.9 and E 521 The nurse saw something solid on my right ovary and did not know what it was. UGH.....

August: 2010 At the start of my cycle I had only 1 day of  TEBB thanks to the Biaxin. No ovulation meds again. I went in CD 14 to check follie growth. Big suprise. I had two large cysts on my right and one 14mm. My peak day was delayed until day 21. The past 4 cycles have been Peak day on day 15. Then I spoke to the Dr and he said not to do any triggers this month. So now I have to wait another month before trying Menopur. He had me go back for P+3 us anyway. When I went back which was 10 days since my previous us I was suprised again. Now I had a new cyst on the left. One of the cysts on the right was starting to break down, and there was one just sitting there. My BW was off too. The last 4 cycles have been very consistant. P around 13 and E around 300. Well this time it was P 4.6 and E 33............UGHHHHHHHH

July: 2010 The TEBB returned ugh...No ovulation meds again. I went in for my us and the follicle was already 18mm. So I took the trigger the next day. I went back in P+3 and it was still there and now it was 32mm.
Had my cycle review. P+7 was P:15 and E:385. So again, my hormones are working fine, but the physical part is still off. Took prometrium P+3 to P+12. Next month we are going back on the antibiotics and will add Menopur to the ovidrel and hope that it helps to release the follicle.

June 2010: At the start of my cycle I had no TEBB.  So I was glad to see that it did not return without them. Again, I am not taking any ovulation drugs this month. I went in for follie check on CD9. The follie was looking great. I went back on CD12 and it was gone...The Dr called me and explained that it might have been too early and that it was not really the dominant one. I went back on CD15 and a new one was already mature so I took the ovidrel. I started taking the prometrium P+3. I went in for the us, and the follie was still there but she said it was hemorrhagic which means it was in the process of ovulation. (I did not take the prometrium the night before my blood test.) My p+7 blood work came back P:13 and E:333.

May 2010:
New game plan gain because last month I went to the emergency room due to horrible pain from cysts.This was the first month ever in my life that I did not have any TEBB. So I was so amazed that the AB worked.
This month I went in on CD 5 and the cysts were gone. =) I was again unmedicated this month. I went in on CD 13 to get an US to check the follie size. It was a good size so I had to go back daily until mature. On CD 16 it was 20mm so I triggered with an ovidrel injection. I started prometrium 3dpo. I went back 4 DPO for an US to make sure the follie released. It was gone.... My P+7 Progesterone was 28.2 and Estradiol was 273. I was concerned that the prometrium elevated my P+7 levels. The Dr said it would, so next month I will not take the prometrium the night before the blood test and then take it in the am after. Everything looked good, but unfortunately I still got a BFN.

April 2010
Time for a new game plan. My Dr said that all my pre ov hormones are good and I do ovulate on my own, but then my hormones fall off a cliff which causes me to have short luteal phase. So I am going au natural until I ov and then I will do HCG injections on days P+3,5,7,9 The HCG injections are supposed to stimulate my corpus luteum and that should make my estrogen and progesterone increase too.. I will get my progesterone level checked on P +7 to see if it is increasing my progesterone. He also prescribed mucinex to increase my CM...... (I ended up in the ER with two large cysts and maybe another one that burst due to the HCG injections. So no more HCG.) We also started taking a 21 day course of antibiotics for the TEBB.
March 2010
I had my 5th surgery. This was a laparotomy which means they cut you open like a c-section. The recovery time is 4-6 weeks. The Dr. spent about 4 hours removing all of my endometriosis. The surgery went well and I spent a few days in the hospital.

February 2010 Surgery# 4 Laparscopic with the napro dr.(Traveled 3 hours to see him) He found tons of endo all over my pelvic region. It was on my ovaries and uterus. So now I can get rid of the label unexplained infertility and start using the correct term which is Endometriosis. So it appears that the RE who removed my endo one year ago did not get it all out.

January 2010
I did my bloodwork series and us. My follicle grew and had a delay in release. But it did release, so I did ovulate--no LUFS. My BW came back mostly normal. I was low in estrogen and progesterone in the post peak phase.

December 2009 I spoke to Dr Beiter in NYC who came up with some theories based on my chart.
Possible LUFS

November 2009 I started charting with the Creighton method.

October 2009: Gave up


 Life before NaPro: 2007 to 2009
August/Sept 2009 Surgery #3 Laparoscopic We transferred 3 eggs but GIFT failed.

July 2009 Cyst again ughhhh At this point the Dr told me that IVF was my only option to have a baby.. So we opted to try GIFT.  I had to travel 2 hours away to have it done.

May/June  2009
Tried the shots again…….Again everything looked perfect with two great follicles , but BFN. I

March/April 2009 Surgery #2 Laparoscopic which was much easier to recover. It revealed endometriosis (never had any symptoms) and uterine polyps.

August 2008- March 2009
After 4 terrible rounds of Clomid. I switched to shots. Every other month I had a cyst. So it took me a year to do 6 tries. After continued failure even after  I had 2 -4 mature follicles each time I opted for the laparoscopic surgery with Hysteroscopy
July 2008: Cyst so I had to sit this month out.

June 2008: Aspirin, clomid, prometrium

May 2008: Switched to RE. He did the HSG over. same result, tubes are open.  He also did a Saline Sonohysterogram to use the US inside the uterus. He ran my blood for many things including STDS, prolactin, thyroid, FSH levels etc. He does not see any major problems and says that I have unexplained infertility. He did the baselines to reveal that I have Cysts so I had to wait another month.

March/April  2008 Clomid only

January/February 2008.
I had surgery #1 to remove fibroid.  Laparotomy (where they cut you open like a c-section) .

October 2007
I started out with the OBGYN who ran blood work, and HSG which showed tubes were clear. Based on low progesterone, he said I was not ovulating. He did an US and found a large fibroid tumor.

May-October 2007: Officially began TTC. Used BBT and OPK for 5 months