Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Story 10/07 to 9/09

October 2007
I started out with the OBGYN who ran blood work, and HSG. Based on low progesterone, he said I was not ovulating. He ignored the fact that I had a short leutal phase....(I was charting and using OPK) He did an US and found a large fibroid tumor. He did not think it was the cause but wanted to take it out. Then I had to wait another 3 months before I had the surgery. I had the surgery where they cut you open. It was the most painful thing I had ever had done. I was out for 2 weeks from work.

March 2008
Another few months went by so I could heal from the surgery. I was excited to start Clomid because I thought this would be the solution. But, it made me feel awful. I had major sweaty hot flashes. My co workers didn’t understand why someone my age had hot flashes. I cried all the time and I could not control it. The first month was Clomid only. I had another short cycle. Then he tried me two more times with progesterone support. I had 28 day cycle with the progesterone. UGHHH I thought why didn’t this work?

May 2008
I got frustrated and found a RE in my area. He did the HSG over, and also did a Saline Sonohysterogram. He ran my blood for many things including STDS, prolactin, thyroid, FSH levels etc. He does not see any major problems and says that I have unexplained infertility. He casually suggests the laparoscopic surgery with Hysteroscopy. This was 4 months after the last surgery and he did not see any major problems, and I did not have any symptoms, so I opted for clomid. He did the baselines to reveal that I have Cysts so I had to wait another month.

August 2008
After 4 terrible rounds of Clomid. I switched to shots. Every other month I had a cyst. So it took me a year to do 6 tries. After 6 tries where I had 2 mature follicles each time I opted for the laparoscopic surgery with Hysteroscopy

May/June 2009
I had to wait two long months after the surgery to try the shots again…….Again everything looked perfect two great follicles , but BFN. I got really upset and depressed because I thought that my problem was solved. The RE said that we just have to wait for the right egg to come along with good quality.

July 2009
This is the stage where most women switch to IVF. My husband refused to do it due to his religious beliefs. So we opted to try GIFT. Where the sperm and eggs are placed into the tubes. This was hard because everyone makes a face in shock when we tell them what we are doing. Even the DR and all the nurses. This is a hard decision that I had to make. My thought is that at least I can try something new instead of trying the same old thing.

Sept 2009 GIFT failed.

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