Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 2010

May 2010:
Last month I went to the emergency room due to horrible pain from cysts. This month I went in on CD 5 and the cysts were gone. =) I was again unmedicated this month. I went in on CD 13 to get an US to check the follie size. It was a good size so I had to go back daily until mature. On CD 16 it was 20mm so I triggered with an ovidrel injection. I started prometrium 3dpo. I went back 4 DPO for an US to make sure the follie released. It was gone.... My P+7 Progesterone was 28.2 and Estradiol was 273. I was concerned that the prometrium elevated my P+7 levels. The Dr said it would, so next month I will not take the prometrium the night before the blood test and then take it in the am after. Everything looked good, but unfortunately I still got a BFN.

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