Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

Today was the first day with my new students. Since 6th graders are new to the building, they come in half day for orientation. It was really hot but time flew by. They are all so cute and small. You forget how much they grow in one year. They are also helpless at first. They do not know where anything is and they cannot open their locker. They are also so polite at first. This lasts a short while.

It was great to be back even though it was a busy day. After the kids left, we had two hours of meetings to learn about new government regulations. One was our new teacher evaluation system and the other has to do with reporting bullies.

Then right after school  I had a phone apt with my napro dr. I speak to him every  few months now. At this point, he is out of ideas. It's not his fault. I'm just special. He  gives me support and helps me with medications, tests etc that I want to try. He is wonderful is that way. He told me he would help me until I am ready to stop. I am going to get some more immune tests run to see if the LDN is affecting my NK or my cytokines.

I have been on the LDN for a month and a half. I am still having trouble sleeping. It is not the worst thing ever, but it does affect my whole day.  I am hoping that the test results either show that I shouldn't bother with LDN or that it is helping me. I don't want the gray area. My goal was to try it for  total of four months. I am almost half way. It is weird that I feel tired from not sleeping, but I am not crabby at all. Just zombie like. My DH said that this has mellowed out my mood. Well I am usually mellow over the summer. We have to see if I am still mellow now that school has started and I have a billion things to do and keep track of.


  1. I hope this school year goes well for you!

    Your doctor sounds very supportive. That's pretty impressive!

  2. I hate feeling like an "unsolvable puzzle." But I'm glad your doctor is still trying everything to help you!
    And ... you are SO BRAVE with middle school / 6th graders. For me, those were the worst years ever in terms of school / teasing / fitting in!

  3. Hope you figure out the LDN situation. I've been meaning to congratulate you on your test scores from last year. I've been having a hard time commenting lately. What a wonderful achievement! I'm a teacher so I know what a committment it is raise the scores the way you did. Way to go!! Hope your year goes well!


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