Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not much going on

School has been back in session for about 3 weeks now. I have not had any time to blog. I also have not had anything exciting to write about. I am having trouble getting back into my routine. I work constantly and feel like I am juggling. It amazes me that I did this all last year. I guess that is why we need the summer off to relax and unwind.

This year is tough bc there is a new evaluation system and a new math curriculum which are both giving me anxiety. My class sizes are large this year and the boy girl ratio is almost two to one. They are very silly and immature. I know that boys are like that, but the girls usually even things out. Half of my new class failed last year's math test. They are having a hard time in math. It is hard to teach them something new when they don't have the foundation skills. I have quite the challenge ahead of me. I love teaching and I love the challenge. It is just hard to do while ttc.

Since school started, I have been so exhausted that I started sleeping through the night. This is now the start of my 3rd month on LDN. I took some immune tests last week. I am waiting for the results to come in.

Last month was a bust I am now on CD8. I am so done with all of this. I did not even go to the clinic last month for US. I don't see the point anymore. I know that I am ovulating etc. It saves me about 100 dollars and the stress of having to take time off. I promised DH that I would try LDN for 4 months. UGH so two more to go.

I have been making lots of sales from my TPT store. That makes me very happy. I also discovered weebly. I made a webpage for my class. I love that site and it is easy to use.

Sorry this post is so boring, but I thought I should do an update.


  1. Glad to hear an update! I've been busy too. :-). Must be that time of year.
    I hope your class begins to learn more and improve their math skills. If anyone can do it, you can!!!
    I hope this month is a better one! (((Hugs)))

  2. Good to hear from you.

    I hate stagnation (while being extremely busy, which sounds like an oxymoron, but isn't).



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