Saturday, September 29, 2012


A large part of being  a teacher is motivating others to do the right thing. I started to think about my group of silly boys. I realized that I had to change my behavior management system. I told them that starting Monday each person will get a behavior report that will go home. Normally I do not have to do this in middle school, but these boys act like they are in kindergarten. Once I mentioned this, they started to behave better.

Usually when I want the class quiet, I would just say "can I have your attention" or stand up front. Not this year. When I did that they would keep talking and I had to repeat myself. So I had to bring back the"give me five". I raise my hand and they have to raise theirs. This way I can see who is with me and who is not. I can see if they are paying attention. Any group who holds up the class with get  marked off on the behavior report. After doing this a few times, I saw that most kids watched me walk up front and they were ready to go before me. =)

I also decided that I need to step up my rewards. I usually keep a prize box, but now I needed to get prizes better suited to silly little boys such as noise putty, sticky squishy frogs, etc. I went to oriental trading and they are having a special, free shipping and ten dollars off if you spend 75. I was able to get a ton of stuff for $70. I did get a few items for the girls like jelly bracelets. Students earn raffle tickets and we draw prizes on Friday.

I got special 100 dollar bill magnetic bookmarks for those who get 100% on their times tables.They should have mastered their times tables in 3rd grade. By 6th grade they are so important, but most of them do not know them. I found a computer program to test them and drill them. Since school started I have 6 kids who got 100%. Most of them still have a failing grade, so I am hoping that the extra incentive of the special bookmark will get them going. I also told them that the first class to get 5 100% gets a prize. One class got the five. Now I have to get the other class motivated to beat the first class.


  1. You are such a great teacher! I love that you have altered your usual classroom management techniques in order to suite the unique needs of your students this year. Sounds like all your ideas are working well! Keep it up.

  2. Wow, you're a great teacher! I'm so impressed with your strategies. Thank you for teaching!

  3. These are really smart ideas!

  4. Love how you Are changing it up to fit the class! That's the sign of a great teacher!!! Love your incentives too!

  5. Inventive ideas.. yes teaching boys is much different than a big class of girls.


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