Sunday, November 11, 2012

Napro in the News

Not much to report today, so I decided to do a google news search for napro. I found three articles.

Dr. Edward Fleming, a napro trained dr joined the Dillsburg Family Health Center in PA.
Poland is 90% Catholic. A group of 100 Polish scientists were dismayed by the IVF plan after issuing a document urging the government to pursue NaProTechnology as an ethically acceptable and highly successful method of treating infertility. The government is now going to pay for IVF. This comes despite strong opposition from the country’s Catholic bishops who have threatened to excommunicate politicians who publicly support IVF.
 Lindsey Marugg is a senior majoring in music and pre-med at Our Lady’s University. She can be reached at

In her article she had two ruptured cysts and went to the ER. She went on birth control and had issues with others at school. She said that  the most common medicine prescribed for endometriosis is birth control, and the most common treatment for infertility caused by endo is ART. She concluded "Now here’s something that should strike a nerve with Catholic women. Are the only options birth control when you don’t want kids and in-vitro when you do?"  

She worked on a study in Omaha and said, "I can tell you that the science behind NaProTechnology is real.  Beyond that, I am a success story myself. I have polycystic ovarian disease, am on medication to treat the underlying problem and am now 8 natural cycles in a row, pain free. NaProTechnology has been successfully treating endometriosis without birth control for years."
At the end she raised a great point, "Why does no one at Our Lady’s University know about NaPro? If we claim to be a preeminent Catholic research institution, why isn’t NaPro on our radar? Why don’t we ever talk about how the World Health Organization labels hormonal birth control a class 1 carcinogen? The conversation always seems to fall back on: “The Catholic Church is against women.” False. The Catholic Church has been right all along.  Catholic teaching has led to a better way.  One that I confidently stand behind not based on the Catholic teaching alone, but on the proof offered in scientific statistics and in my own life. There is something better than contraception. But we need to open our hearts and minds to it.

I wrote her a letter bc I felt a connection to her frustration about lack of awareness of Napro. 

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  1. Wonderful articles, especially the last one. The Church is right always ... no one wants to see it.


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