Saturday, November 3, 2012

Teachers Help Teachers

 This past week was crazy with hurricane Sandy. We don't usually get hurricanes to reach this far north. Last year Irene stopped by and now this year Sandy. Our region is not really equipped to handle this. Thankfully my immediate area was spared. I have many family and friends who live further south and they lost power. Some lost it for one day and others still have no power 4 days later. They all have a place to stay. Many places near the river were flooded or destroyed. Now people are lined up at gas stations to buy gas for generators. It is nuts down there.Prayers are needed to get the power back on.

Then I saw Staten Island on the news. It looked like a tornado came through. The houses were destroyed completely. They were shredded and thrown all over. People were on the news with nothing but the clothes on their backs. I was crying watching people pick through debris looking for photos. People also died. Prayers are needed to help these people find shelter.

Now I am trying to do what I can to help but also stay within my budget. Today when I go shopping I am going to gather items to send to my aunt who lives near a local shelter. She said that over 100 people are there and they expect 100 more. They need basics like socks, soap etc.

Then I saw this post about teachers helping teachers.  I have signed up to help.I am donating all of my products with decimals. I honestly would donate all my products, but I thought that would be too much to try and find all the files and send them etc. I thought if I picked one topic it would be manageable for me to do and for the person organizing the donations..  Here are my donated products.
Laurah Jurca at The ESOL Odyssey, herself impacted by the storm, came up with a way to help support teachers who may have lost teaching materials due to Sandy's wrath.  She has mobilized teachers from TpT and is putting together a care package of teaching products donated by other teachers wanting to lend a hand. 

If you are a teacher who is able to help others please click on this link  

Please spread the word and if you have a blog, create a post about this.

If you are a teacher in need of help click here

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