Sunday, April 27, 2014

PSA video questions to ask adoptive parents

I just came across this video and I had to share. Here are some quotes from the article.

"Butterworth, 36, and his wife Marisa are the parents of two biological sons. They always wanted to adopt, so daughter Harper – who is almost 2 and was born in Ethiopia – joined the family more than a year ago.

Butterworth was inspired to create the tutorial after one of their first outings with Harper, to a restaurant where the waitress peppered the Butterworths with some of the inappropriate questions featured in the video.
“I really, really, really don’t think that people are trying to be mean” Butterworth told TODAY Moms.

“People are curious — that’s human nature and it’s natural to ask questions… so we were thinking, what’s a way that we could help people just put language around it?”"


  1. I just LOVE this video!!! I wish people would actually "get it" and not ask these questions .. One can wish, right?

  2. That is hilarious! That guy is so funny. I am going to share this with some friends who are in the process of adopting. They will love it. Thanks for posting!

    Also, prayers for you as you move on to the process of adoption.


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