Thursday, November 13, 2014

First Profile Showing

Last week, the SW emailed me to ask me if she could show my profile. This was the first time she asked. I was so excited to finally get a chance. We read over the case. It is confidential so I can't really tell you much. When you sign up to adopt, you have to check off yes, no, maybe for tons of items. The SW said that many people have many issues and you never know how truthful they are so there are no real guarantees.

This case seemed to fit within our comfort zone. There were a few items that could become future issues, but there were also many that were missing which was good.  We decided to give it a chance and said yes.

She is due next month. That gave us many emotions all at once. We were scared to get picked, scared not to get picked. Excited at the chance to become parents, scared that we would become parents in less than a month. She could also go into labor early.........

I felt totally unprepared. OMG it was nuts. We had to just put it all in God's hands and not worry. She may not even pick us.

That was ten days ago. I have no idea how long they give the BM to pick. I would love it if the SW would even just let us know if we are still in the running, if she had narrowed it down a bit and excluded us etc. I understand that this is a really important decision for the BM, but it is also a life changing decision for us. I feel like I'm in another dreaded 2ww.

If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know what time frame is normal to expect a response. Does the SW usually tell you if you are not picked?


  1. We have our profile shown every month and so far no one has chosen us. Sounds like your agency does it a little differently. Hopefully the wait won't be long for you and I understand how waiting at this time is full of anxiety!

    We get to revise our profile next month...I already have some ideas. I think our issue is that the expectant mom has so many couples to chose from. When our profile is shown, how many does she typically see along with ours? We also have some questions.

  2. Ahhh!! We went through this once and it was soooo nerve wracking!! I'm so sorry it's taken them so long to get back. I'm hoping by now you've heard something! Our agency contacted us via email when the birth mom made her decision and didn't pick us. And then she called the family she did pick. That's our agency's way of handling this situation. I found my best distractions were throwing myself into good books (The Hunger Games or Divergent series) and spending time in adoration. Also, I found it very helpful to imagine the situation playing out both ways... matching and not matching. I let myself imagine both often so that I would be prepared for either outcome. Praying for you guys! Hoping to hear an update soon!


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