Saturday, March 7, 2015

Case #5

January and February were very silent. We did not get any calls. Then in the first week of March we got a call. This BM is due early July.We agreed to show our profile. Now we are waiting to hear back on whether or not our profile gets selected to go to the next round. I will wait about two weeks before I contact the SW.

This was the first time that the due date was not in the same month as the call. While it is nice to have more time to prepare, there is also more time to wait before the baby is born and worry about the bm changing her mind and choosing  to parent.

Agency Stats for number of couples listed:

My state 29
---My local branch   3
---Western Branch    8
---Southern branch 18

The other two states combined 20

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  1. Good Luck. Sounds like your agency is really working on getting you connected.


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