Sunday, August 8, 2010

October 16th: Feast of St. Gerard
NATIONAL SHRINE OF ST. GERARD 118 7th Avenue, Newark  NJ  07104In 1899 a small group from Caposele, Italy introduced to the United States, in the City of Newark, the Feast devoted to St. Gerard Maiella.  Because of their initiative and zeal the Feast has drawn many devotees to our Church which has been declared the National Shrine of St. Gerard. We must also recognize those countless numbers of known, living and deceased, who have fostered and developed the affection for 100 years.  God alone knows the good they have accomplished.
     Only those who have participated in a Feast of St. Gerard celebrated at our National Shrine can really appreciate the unique character of this truly remarkable devotion.  People from near and far, old and young, those in sickness or in health, make any sacrifice, overcome any obstacle to be present on October 16th to demonstrate their faith, confidence and love for this miraculous Patron of ours.  One gets the impression that St. Gerard sets the tone of his Feast each year by gently inspiring his followers to honor him each in his or her own way.

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