Saturday, August 7, 2010


At the start of my cycle the TEBB returned ugh...So I did not have high hopes for this cycle. No ovulation meds again. I went in for my us on CD 15 and the follicle was already 18mm. So I took the 2 ovidrel triggers the next day. I went back in P+3 and it was still there, but now it was 32mm. This is the same thing that happened last month. It still amazes me that two shots of ovidrel did not work. I remember when I was back with the RE and every month I had cysts and I asked him about taking more than one ovidrel. He told me that if I took the shot then I must be releasing. He would not use the US to check..........ugh to think of all the time and money I wasted with the RE when I had LUFS all along.......
I had my cycle review. P+7 bloodwork was P:15 and E:385. So again, my hormones are working fine, but the physical part is still off. Took prometrium P+3 to P+12. Next month we are going back on the antibiotics and will use Menopur as a trigger with the ovidrel and hope that it helps to release the follicle. Menopur has LH in it. I remember that the Dr told me that LUFS was hard to treat so I am trying to remain optomistic. It is hard because this is the last piece of the puzzle. The dr said if we can get this part to work then I should be able to get pregnant.......I am excited about next month because I have never taken menopur, so something new means new hope.

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