Monday, August 30, 2010

August: The cycle that was really off

August:At the start of my cycle I had only 1 day of  TEBB thanks to the Biaxin. No ovulation meds again.
I went in CD 14 to check follie growth. Big surprise. I had two large cysts  and one 14mm. on my right. My peak day was delayed until day 21. (The past 4 cycles have been Peak day on day 15.) Then I spoke to the Dr and he said not to do any triggers this month. So now I have to wait another month before trying Menopur. He had me go back for P+3 us anyway. When I went back which was 10 days since my previous us I was surprised again. Now I had a new cyst on the left. One of the cysts on the right was starting to break down, and there was one just sitting there.
My BW was off too. The last 4 cycles have been very consistant. P around 13 and E around 300. Well this time it was P 4.6 and E 33............UGHHHHHHHH It feels like my body is way off. I am feeling like I am going backwards. For the past 4 months since my surgery I have been extremely consistant with my peak day and my BW levels. This cycle was way off.
I have a theory. I am wondering if it is the B6. I have been taking 500mg for the past 3 months. My condiiton has gotten progressively worse in regards to the cysts in the past 3 months. In fact in May when I did not take the B6 I did not have any cysts at all. I am going to speak to the Dr soon and ask him about this. Maybe I am just extra senstive to it. I am very sensitive to fertility meds.

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  1. How frustrating. I'm so sorry that this cycle is messed up and that you feel your cycles are getting worse instead of better. Interesting about the possible B6 link; keep us posted if your doc feels there's a connnection. Keeping you in prayer :)


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