Monday, March 7, 2011

CD5 March 2011

So it all begins again. CD3 fell over the weekend so I went in on CD5. I wore my first pair of fun socks today. I got some polar bear socks. It was fun to wear them and it sparked some conversation with the nurse about polar bears. My us looked good. My right ovary is the same as ever-full of gunk but no cysts. Yeah! Right was the active one last month.  Then the left one showed some small buds, but no cysts. Yeah!  I am hoping that this will be the active ovary this month because it is clean.

My BW came back mostly normal. LH 1.75, Progesterone .3, TSH 1.19, FSH 5.2 and Estradiol 168. At first I was very happy about the low FSH bc last month it was  37, but then I read that  high E can make it lower. I was unable to find out just how high it would have to be to make a difference, so I am not sure what to think. This might support my theory that my right ovary is in distress so it made my FSH high last month and my left ovary which is happy has a low one. I also have to consider that this was day 5 and not day 3 so maybe my estrogen is okay???? It seems from the us that I have two buds on the left. It is typical for me to get two active follicles on the left. So I was thinking that maybe both of them just started growing???

I really think it was silly to get BW done on me since I am not doing stims, but the RI wanted it and I want to play nice. All the CD3 BW really tells the Dr is an estimate of how you will respond to stims, the reserve you have left, and the quality. None of that really matters to me bc I am going natural and I get what I get.
I go back on Friday to see what's cooking. I am going to do intralipids for the first this month to bring down my NK level. I am not clear on when. I know the nurse said before I trigger, but I am going to email her and ask her for more details.

At this time in my cycle, I am happy. I have been battling cysts for a very long time. It seems that I am on the right path with the Lupron trigger becuase I did not have a cyst at the start of this cycle.  (It seems that the HCG trigger caused me to have cysts at the start of my cycle) We will see what Friday brings.

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  1. Love the funny! YAY for no cysts!! Good Luck this cycle!!!!


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