Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trying to Stay Positive

Well, this has been a tough week. I POAS and got BFN and now AF is getting near. I did not really expect  anything after my RI told me I had elevated NK, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. In fact this time, I took it really hard that my body was rejecting my baby....
Then there is all the drama with the economy. I am a teacher and it's now getting really tough for schools. The Governor is trying to make huge cuts that will force schools to close or lay off tons of teachers. It is so sad.  Last year the president said we had to have higher standards and more testing. Now we get less money which means less teachers and larger classes. So we have to do a better job with less resources and a higher case load.
So I started to spiral and get really sad.
I had to step back and try to stay I made a list...
  • I got some new fun socks today with roses on them to wear at my next US apt.
  • My dh is wonderful and tried to make me feel better today while I freaked out at work.
  • Everyone around me is getting a nasty stomach bug and due to my elevated NK I won't get it.
  • I am going to try some new treatment this month that may finally be the thing that works.
  • I have some wonderful blog buddies to share in my pain and my joy.
Does anyone have anything positive to share?


  1. Arrghh..POAS trauma is horrible! I am so sorry-as many times as we do it, it is still so freakin sad when we see that bfn! I am happy to hear that you are trying to push out of it and stay positive. I think you are great!
    Love the socks! So funny~
    I have something positive: I lost 6 lbs so far in my weight loss journey~

  2. Darned stick. I'm sorry. But hang in there, you are getting closer! Um, positive news? I haven't had a good week so I'm not the one to ask! But, lent is coming and with it, hopefully many graces :)


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