Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Plan for April

I spoke to the reproductive immunologist today. I had a phone consult scheduled for 1:30, but they were swamped when I called so the apt kept getting pushed back. I finally spoke to the Dr around 5:00! I have to admit that while it was annoying I never got angry. How could I get mad at the Dr who made a miracle breakthrough with my case???? He kept apologizing and said he had a crazy day. I can only imagine the number of patients he has locally in addition to the long distance ones like me. I am just so thrilled that he took me on in January without a waiting list.

I am finally going to get my Natural Killer cell level retested. He is calling in the service and I should be able to get it drawn this week or next. He is keeping the same dosage of intralipids as last month. I asked him about starting Femara because  I am concerned about my gunky right ovary.  I mentioned that I do not want to have to worry about waiting for the left one to take a turn. He said that he thought I did not want to do any meds. I was very happy that he thought that. We had our last conversation about not doing IVF and going natural so I can see why he thought I wanted no meds at all.

I explained that for the past year I had unruptured follicles backing up in my ovaries so I did not want to make it worse. But now, that  issue seems to be resolved and  I want to get more aggressive. He said that the Lupron trigger from last month probably had some residual effect. He wants me to continue taking the lupron trigger when I can. He said to hold onto the lupron becuase there is a shortage of  it. I have about a year's worth of triggers in one bottle, so I am all set.

He said that Femara would make everything stronger and give me a better chance. I am so excited to try this. To be honest I would love to get twins and then be done and not have to worry about struggling to have a second child.  I never took this before. I started out years ago with clomid and I hated its side effects. I have read that many women like Femara, so who knows?

I stopped the progesterone last night, so it will take a few days before AF arrives.


  1. Femara worked for us. I didn't notice any side effects. Well, except the pharmacist refusing to fill it unless he spoke to the doctor because I was prescribed 16 pills on CD3 (that was it).

  2. This sounds like a great plan! I'm so excited for you! I hope the femara works well for you. It sounds like a great alternative to clomid. Yes, the side effects of clomid are AWFUL. I will try femara next time if I need something.

  3. I never tried clomid- I am too sensitive to side effects. The femara has also kicked my butt- but again, I am really sensitive. My friend took it and was fine- no side effects. The good thing that when I get the side effects (naseusa, hot flashes, bad mood swings)- they are all gone at CD 16 or so. The first month I took 10 2.5mg pills on CD2- no effect. This month 4 2.5mgs on CD2- we will see......

    Good Luck!!!!

  4. Wow so you took ten pills on one day? I am taking going to take two pills each day on CD 3-7. Then I am supposed to see a nice follicle 7 days after my last pill.
    hmmm interesting. We will see what happens. Good luck to you. Keep me posted.


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