Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Test Day 3/29

Today was test day. I cheated and did some home tests the past couple days. I started with 10DPO to try and catch something early. I have read about many women getting a faint positive early. Mine was bright white from 10dpo to 15dpo. I never even got a hint of anything. The nurse wanted me to get a blood test to confirm. At first I did not want to bother. If the home test was clearly negative, then why waste my time? I consulted some people and emailed the nurse. She said she definitely wanted the BT becuase she said the home tests are not always accurate. I went in for the test and it was negative. At least now I get my results on the computer. I used to dread getting the phone call.
I am bummed, but not devastated. I had the best month ever.  I ovulated on my own for the first time in a year. This is a turning point for me. Something had a positive effect on me. This new Dr is working miracles. I have to keep in mind that even with a perfect cycle there is still a small chance. When you find a new issue to tackle, the clock resets. I have only been dealing with the NK cells for one month. I am still not even sure what my NK levels are now that I had the treatment. It may take a few more until the numbers get into the safe zone. I am happy to be making progress and I have to keep that in mind.
I have a phone consult with the Dr tomorrow to see what the plan is. I am wondering what he is going to adjust.


  1. I'm sorry. I'm bummed with you. But you have a good attitude! This is only the beginning and you had a great cycle. I had two perfect cycles on clomid before conceiving so I kind of understand what it's like to see a textbook cycle and be let down. But keep the hope! You're definitely doing the right things.

  2. SO sorry- I was waiting for your post. Total bummer. Your outlooks sounds great and yes, maybe some tweaking here and there will be it! Still, I am sorry. Keep up with the positive attitude- I think that is crucial and sometimes more important than anything biologically!


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