Sunday, August 28, 2011


 Irene is the first major hurricane of the 2011 season. At one point it got up to a cat 3. It is unusual to see a hurricane come up this far north.
You can track the hurricane live at this site.

Some hurricane info from
How often do major hurricanes hit the US?
On average, two major hurricane (cat 3-5) strike every three years; in all categories, about five hurricanes make landfall every three years. On average, a hurricane cat 4 or higher only strikes once every six years. 2004 has been an anomaly.
What was the busiest hurricane season on record in the Atlantic?
In 1995, 11 hurricanes were recorded in the Atlantic. Named storms got all the way up to Hurricane Tanya. Allison, Dean, Erin, Gabrielle, Jerry, Opal, and Roxanne all made landfall in the US.
In the 20th century, how many hurricanes hit the US?
158 hurricanes hit the US from all categories; 64 of these were major hurricanes, categories 3-5. Florida had the most landfalls at 57, with the majority of these being in the northwest and southeast. Texas came in second with 36, and Louisiana and North Carolina tie for third at 25 a piece.
What is the busiest month in the US for major hurricane hits?
By far, September has it; 36 of the 64 major hurricanes hit in September. The next busiest month the August, with only 15.

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