Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Information

I had my consultation with KP yesterday. It was about 3 hours long. She is so amazing, compassionate, easy to talk with, and intelligent. We went over all of my information: past, present, and future. She tested me for 20 tests that the reproductive immunologist never even mentioned. It was definitely worth the time because some of the tests came back normal and some came back abnormal. I discovered that I have multiple blood clotting issues that need to be treated. This makes sense bc both my mother and her mother had strokes. I always knew that it was in my family but my blood pressure has always been great so I did not worry about it yet. It seems that my issues could be affecting my fertility. KP rec that I see a hematologist to get treated. Even if this does not solve my IF problems at least I will treat my health problem. Maybe this is the reason why I have been going through this?

I have mixed emotions about this. I am glad to have something that can be treated,but at the same time I am growing tired of finding new problems. I have been winding down with treatments this summer. It is so hard to stop yourself and say that it is ok to take a break. I need to rest from the us apts for a few more months while I get this new problem under control. By seeing this new Dr at least I will be still moving forward. My apt is not until Sept 16th, which is fine because it will give me some time. Hopefully I can start in Oct.

School starts up in Sept. I am thinking maybe Oct or Nov going back into this full force. I feel that if I rest up then I can get back into the fight to treat these issues. I have been through so much. I am scared about taking the medication to treat my issues, so the time off will allow me to muster of the strength to tackle it.

Recap of all my fertility challenges so far:
2007:  Ob/Gyn: Short leutal phase, fibroid
2008:  RE: Unexplained
2009:  RE: Endometriosis and uterine polyps
2010:  Napro: More endometriosis, LUFS, TEBB, low progesterone
2011:  RI/Napro: LUFS, low progesterone, TEBB, Immune issues, and Blood clotting issues


  1. You're gathering quite the complete list of systems!!! It sounds like the additional testing was well worth it. Taking a break isn't a bad thing. It will either reinforce the fact that you want to pursue more treatment or pursue parenthood another way. Prayers for you during this time!!!

  2. I guess the new info is a burden and a blessing. But I really believe that getting into the best health as possible is key before your baby comes! I am praying for ya!


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